10 DIY Furniture Ideas For Absolute Beginners

As you may have heard before, making your own furniture is actually not as difficult or as complicated as you think. In fact, some projects are so easy anyone could successfully complete them. For example, making a cute stool out of a old tire is a real piece of cake and if you’re in need of a coffee table you can easily put one together using wood crates. There are a lot of ideas worth exploring so start with the 10 DIY furniture ideas for absolute beginners.

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Rodney Widger - December 20, 2018

Very nice but for us older folks the writing telling us what the next item is could be a little bigger. I look forward to seeing your next video

    Homedit - December 21, 2018

    thanks for the feedback !

Julie Baker - February 9, 2019

The storage bench with the crates and baskets with the fur on top needed wheels in the center on the bottom too. I noticed that it bowed a bit when the girl sat down. It would not have held a heavier person without center wheels to support it also.

Chris Camp - February 10, 2019

The cost it takes to make all that stuff you could just buy it gently used and it wouldn’t look all homemade either … I like projects that are made from trash or general materials everyone has at home that cost pennies to make now those are good projects !

    Kenny Wilson - March 31, 2019

    I think you are missing the very sastifying feeling of doing it youself. You can also make all of this stuff from scraps and leftovers. Remember the title of the post is for absolute beginners. You may be more interested in posts for fine furniture.

Paula King - February 10, 2019

Love them all but the fruit holder is so nice.

Γεωργια Ατζολιδακη - February 11, 2019

Ούτε ΓΙΑ φοιτητές

Kelly Jansema - February 11, 2019

FYI, Rope and Hot glue outside will shrink. Make sure it’s the right rope folks!!

Chris and Jess Altman - February 11, 2019

Am I the only one who found these a bit tacky? They’re good ideas but more effort could have been put into them.

    gucci bloom - March 16, 2019

    I found them tacky too, more effort could’ve really made these items look a bunch better.

    Mia Guerra - March 25, 2019

    I totally agree…but the ideas are good….

    Kenny Wilson - March 31, 2019

    Just, OMG, the post is for absolutely beginners. Making it yourself. Perhaps making something can take the place of throwing negativity on those who do.
    More time using the rest of your digits..your thumbs can do other things.

    Chris and Jess Altman - March 31, 2019

    @Kenny Wilson it doesn’t take an expert to put in effort. I wasn’t being mean…. Its called constructive criticism. And I understand that this is for beginners, but the person making this video put in as little effort as possible. It don’t take much extra to turn something tacky into something beautiful. These are good ideas but could have had more effort put into them. The smallest details make all the difference.

    Jill Moss - April 9, 2019

    Maybe it does look a little tacky but the video is giving you ideas on how to put things together. If you ever decide to DIY do it in a style you prefer. While I like the ideas in general, I would definitely do the extra to make it better.

Selvam Selvam - February 12, 2019

Really today I will try to way

Shana Proctor - February 12, 2019

Love the coffee table!

Katharine Crumpton - February 12, 2019

Wow that music is horrible it making me motionsick. Great projects though

    Casey Hackworth - April 22, 2019

    I mute my sound. I hate the background music.

    simplegrl11589 - May 5, 2019

    I know I can’t do the diy music. So much better when they just talk.

    Elida Calderon - May 15, 2019

    @Casey Hackworthbases de madera

shahzad khan - February 12, 2019

Awesome creation

john spencer - March 13, 2019

If I had the money to buy wood, glue, drill, driver, tyre, rope and that. I would probably go to ikea and buy proper furniture.

    Shaziya Mirza - May 17, 2019

    Waaah!!! Zabardast!!!

    Rafon - May 27, 2019

    The fact that you put “Ikea” and “proper furniture” into one sentence…

    salahhe Sali - May 28, 2019

    @Rafonactually, ikea furniture is the ideal furniture for today. Not expensive, easy to carry, assemble and disassemble and easily replaceable with more modern designs. Plus, it can be the perfect base for any actual beginner DIY. Sure, wood furniture is sturdy and durable but will you still want the same decor in your house 5 years from now?

    john spencer - May 28, 2019

    @Rafon Bahahaha you havea point, don’t you?

    chellybabyme - July 6, 2019

    ExAAACTLY, bruh.

Atara Alexander - April 7, 2019

I would love to do the fruit stand as an outdoor planter.

OP 1000 - April 24, 2019

That tire one with the orange rope was crap though. Spending all that money for materials for *that* …
Liked the table made of crates.

ReVamp-Ideas 101 TV - June 10, 2019

Fruit Stand or holder is my fav. or in my case Plant or herbal stand garden ,,cheers

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