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Building closet cabinets. And lets look at shoeshine box ideas. | Day 102

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0:00 Unloading lumber
1:00 Paint assessment
1:20 Woodworking in the News
1:51 The final Sketchup design
3:38 A plan for braking down plywood
5:47 Lower cabinet assembly
7:17 Antonio makes a shoeshine box
9:53 Assembling the tall cabinet
12:30 Look where we ended up



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EPIC Fortnite Arcade Cabinet Build | Retropie Bartop Arcade with a SECRET Option ?!?

Do you want to see a Fortnite Arcade Cabinet Build? Look no further, from start to finish JKTVgamer has helped build the Arcade Cabinet and we have installed a few secrets along the way. Be sure to check the end of the video for the surprise that no retro arcade machines have.

If you want to build one for yourself, check the list parts below with links so you too can build a Fortnite Arcade Machine or your very own retro arcade cabinet using retro pie.

Special thanks to ROCKSTAR PRINT, amazing service and high quality vinyl prints for you arcade cabinet or bartop arcade machine.

JKTVgamer logo & gamer intro by Kong Vector:


Cabinet: Bespoke build but eBay have some great Arcade Cabinets
Dell Professional P190S 19" LCD Monitor: Search eBay @1:00
Vinyl Stickers: @3:48
Perspex: @3:32 & @4:29
Arcade Power: (proudmammy2) @4:08
Arcade 18mm T-Molding: (flatout_arcades) @5:15
Speakers: @6:51
L.E.D Lights: @7:20 & 10:15
Joystick and Buttons: @7:42
Raspberry PI Bundle: @8:48
USB Panel Circle: @9:32
HDMI Panel Circle: @9:32
HDMI Switch: @9:44
Fortnite EPIC Games:


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UPDATE | Building a House in the Philippines | Title Work | Kitchen Cabinets | Place with a View

#Update #Buildingahouseinthephilippines
This is an update on the 2 story house being built here in
Koronadal City aka Marbel, Philippines
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Hanging Shop Cabinet Time Lapse

Watch this hanging shop cabinet time lapse video and learn how to build a hanging shop cabinet of your own. This hanging shop cabinet was fun to build and I used many woodworking techniques to complete this cherry shop cabinet. The hanging shop cabinet is made from cherry wood, plywood, and particle board and features glass doors. A hanging shop cabinet is perfect for workshops and saves space while providing great organization for your workshop or woodshop. I will use this shop cabinet in my workshop for woodworking tools, materials and wood finishing products such as stains and natural oils. The hanging cabinet that I build in this cabinet time lapse video is very large coming in at nearly 4 ft by 4ft. Overall, I believe that by providing this hanging cabinet video to you that it will not only inspire you but give you great ideas for your own shop cabinet in your own workshop or woodshop. I was very happy how this workshop cabinet turned out and I think if you built a workshop cabinet similar to mine that you would be pleased with the results! Thanks you for checking out this hanging shop cabinet time lapse video, I hope you have a great day!

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DIY Self Build Kitchen – Blockwork Units Cupboards Cabinets


Are you wanting to build your own kitchen? Don't want fitted kitchen cupboards / cabinets? Trying to find a solution to alcove cupboards? Self-builder wanting a demo of blockwork building of a kitchen? There are many videos showing normal kitchens being made but hardly any of kitchen units being built in-situ using bricks, blocks, concrete, etc. This video is a start-to-finish demonstration of how to build your own bespoke kitchen base units. These were built into a chimney breast and two alcoves, so it was a complicated project. I had absolutely no help from anyone except the odd carrying help from my daughter. I will make a blog post to include more instructions and tips, plus all the photos I took.

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Custom Made Street Fighter II Cabinets building process and upate

I wanted to make just a simple and clear video for all of our followers, friends and customers to show a little bit of how we work around here at RetroBoy Arcades, nothing to flashy, just to show everything is 100% done by hand, from the cabinet design, the system inside, the whole cabinet build and professionally installed buttons and joysticks, and screen. Also led lights upon request.
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This is a custom made service and I like to make every build as near to perfection as possible, it takes me from 6 to 8 weeks to finish depending on the options required by the customer.

Message or call us for more models
RetroBoy Arcades 😎🕹
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Dream Garage Build | Defective Craftsman Cabinets | 4K

I finally got the chance to install the Craftsman cabinets, but unfortunately I ran into a snag. The craftsman products have varying defects. Very disappointing!!

Thank you to all who has joined me in this experimental journey in sharing my dream garage build. I just decided that this will be the final episode in conclusion to the dedicated segment. I hope some of you have enjoyed it, regardless it was a lot of fun for me. Going forward, I can finally focus working on my project cars…More VW Golf R indeed!!

Music Credits: Music provided by

Disclaimer: Please don’t do this at home folks! Note that all DIY videos are for basic information purposes only. JNB Tuning is not liable for any damages incurred when attempting to follow the information being shared in the video above.

DUCK FACE!🎧 Bar Shed Week 5 – Electrical Wiring, Unboxing and Cabinets

Glorious, Do -it-yourself, Bar Shed Construction project, How to construct a He-Shed if She-says it’s ok 😂

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