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Super Juice All in One Soluble Supplement Lawn Fertilizer Review

There are many lush lawns that are so beautiful it can make anyone green with envy. But that kind of lawn doesn’t come without the proper care and that includes fertilizing.

With the right fertilizer like Super Juice Lawn Fertilizer, you can turn any lawn, even the bad ones, into a beautiful carpet of green.

This fertilizer is an all-in-one mix. That means that your lawn gets exactly what it needs already mixed in the dry contents. The only work that you have to do in order to get it prepared is just to mix with water.

Application of the product is as easy as mixing it. You simply connect hose and spray that evenly across your lawn. You don’t have to worry about scrimping on application for fear of running out, either.

This product can be mixed and used to treat a lot of ground and this can increase depending on the ratio that you desire. If you use it full force, you can get about an acre of coverage.

You can increase that to two acres if you use it at 50% of its strength. The mixture won’t contain any waste, either. It comes in a bag that you can reseal for future use. Plus, it’s lined with foil and that protects the mixture from moisture.

Once you use the mixture, you’ll be able to see a change in your lawn in less than a week after applying. For some yards, it might take closer to two weeks. The way the mixture is designed makes it perfect to use by itself or, it can be applied with other lawn care products.

The reason that this water mixed works better than regular granular application is because it’s easier for your lawn to absorb it. The product is water soluble so it won’t stick around on the top of your grass.

It gets below into the soil right where your yard needs it. Plus, because it has a faster release into the lawn, it gets to work the same day. Another benefit of this product is that it can be used on both flat lawns as well as ones that aren’t perfectly level.

Even if you have a problem lawn, you can use this to develop the kind of lawn you want.

It won’t leave burned spots on your grass like other fertilizers because this product goes into the ground rather than runs on the top of it like you get with granules.

There’s no way to mess up the mix when you’re adding water either. Whether you mix the product with extra water or not, you still get an even amount of the mixture when you apply it.  If you’re ready for a beautiful, healthy lawn, then it’s time to get the right kind of fertilizer.

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Scotts Turf Builder Broadcast Spreader Review

There’s one thing you definitely don’t want to do when it comes to lawn care. You don’t want to apply guesswork when you’re fertilizing or adding grass seed. Because if you do that, you’ll end up with a lot of grass in one area, and thinner spots in others.

With fertilizer you can accidentally apply too much to one area and burn your lawn. Then you’ll have to spend money and time to repair this damage. But if you use Scotts Turf Broadcast Spreader, you can remove the guesswork, avoid the problems and be able to have a beautiful lawn.

Because this is a broadcast spreader, it means that it will follow a 180 degree arc when spreading material. It won’t specifically target one area. This product is designed to be used during whatever season that you need it for.

So you can treat your lawn in the warmth of the summer or the cool of the fall. You can also use in the spring if you desire. One of the problems that some people run into is when they want to spread fertilizer or grass seed, they have a hard time covering large surfaces of lawn.

That has to do with the size of the hopper. That won’t be a problem with this product because of the large capacity. It’s designed to handle as much as 15,000 sq. ft. of whatever material you want to use.

What’s great about this spreader is that you don’t even have to guess how you’re going to calibrate it for use, it comes with that already determined. That means you end up with better spreading ability for your material.

Even coverage is imperative when you’re working on the lawn. If not, you end up creating a desirable lawn for pests. Or, you can make it comfortable for weeds to set up and get out of control.

You don’t want to risk that because it means more work and expense in the long run. By doing it right the first time with this spreader, you can avoid those issues. The reason that you get better coverage is because of a feature this spreader has.

It comes with a control panel that tells you step by step what to do. This allows you to set it according to what your lawn needs. You can also match the control panel with the guidance on the back of Scotts lawn care products.

This means you would adjust your spreader setting based on what it is that your lawn needs. This tool has an edge guard. You can turn it off if you’d like, but this feature helps to prevent you from accidentally wasting fertilizer or seed on your driveway, the sidewalks or areas where you don’t want the material to go. To apply it, you just walk in a straight line.

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Rain Bird 32ETI In-Ground Automatic Sprinkler System Kit Review

To water or not to water, that’s the question that many people face when it comes to taking care of their yard or garden. A better way is to remove the guesswork and never miss watering your lawn when you need it with the In Ground Automatic Sprinkler System.

This system will make sure that your lawn is watered as needed. Because it can water automatically, you won’t have to dart outside and move a sprinkler from one area of the yard to the next.

You’ll get to spend your days off doing what you want to do rather than spending them making sure your lawn is watered. What’s great about this system is the sprinklers can draw back into the ground.

This feature will prevent you from running over one of them with your mower. Plus, it just makes the lawn look neater. The hose that the system comes with is durable and long lasting.

The timer is designed to take care of lawns up to 3000 square feet. That means the system is sure to hit all the areas evenly and distribute water as needed. You can avoid the spots in your yard or the growth of fungus from under or overwatering.

The system operates using 32SA rotors and have professional grade power even though this is a DIY installation. The rotors can water an area of up to 24 feet. So that you can customize the system for your lawn needs, you will get an additional 12 nozzles.

The system helps to keep your water bill lowered by shutting off automatically when the watering is done. This can allow you to set your lawn up on a schedule even if you’re not at home and you won’t have to worry about the water running continuously.

All you have to do to get this started is input when you want the system to work. You’ll tell it when to begin and when to shut off and the system’s timer will do exactly that. But if you decide that you want to wait on that, you can bypass your schedule.

When the weather outside gets too cold for water, you won’t have to worry about the system damaging your lawn or itself. It’ll automatically drain of water. A huge plus with this system is that it has Rain Curtain Watering Technology.

This allows the system to get the water where it needs to go without pooling it in any one spot. The nozzle enables the system to ensure that the water isn’t affected by the wind causing overwatering.

If you decide that you want to change the arc of the water, you can do so on the rotor itself. System installation is easy. You simply decide where you want the system to go, connect it, place the hosing below ground and create your schedule.

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Greenworks 14-Inch 10 Amp Corded Dethatcher Review

Thatch isn’t good for a lawn if it builds up. When that happens, your lawn ends up becoming a haven for lawn disease as well as other issues. The reason that thatch can build up on your lawn if due to the soil not being aerated, overwatering and using chemical products on the lawn.

One of the best ways to deal with thatch and create a beautiful, healthy lawn is by using a dethatcher. The Greenworks Lawn Dethatcher is a great choice because it’s good for the environment.

Because it has a zero carbon footprint, it’s better for the environment when you use this versus gas powered tools. It’s simple to get started using this lawn tool. All you have to do is push the button the side and hold down the handle much like you would with a gas powered product.

The dethatcher has a wide deck that can dethatches across 14 inches. The tool works like a lawn mower. You simply move it forward across the lawn and it dethatches the grass as you go.

Thatch is culled from your lawn and left behind in your wake. One of the features with this tool is that it’s self-propelled. You won’t have to struggle to push it like you do with other tools.

That means you won’t have that same strain on your lower back. Some lawns are thicker and have more thatch to deal with. You’ll be able to change the tool to suit your lawn needs.

The dethatcher can be adjusted. This feature is located on the front wheel. You simply turn the knob on the wheel to change the settings to customize it for your lawn needs.

It has a reach of up to 150 feet and since it doesn’t rely on charging to work, you just plug it in and it’s ready for you to use.

The feature that does the work underneath the tool are the tough stainless steel tines. The machine is built with 18 of these. When you adjust the wheel, you alter the depth of these tines to dig into the ground.

These tines go into the ground, break up the thatch and bring it to the surface. This frees your lawn to get the air circulation that it needs to thrive. Now, over time, these tines can sustain damage or break off.

This is normal and you do get replacement tines along with the purchase of the product.

After you use the tool, you simply brush off any of the yard debris that clings to the tines or the underside of the dethatcher. The dethatcher has a 10 amp motor. When you’re ready to store the tool, you can lower the handles if you have smaller storage space.

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Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower Review

Mowing the grass is part of taking care of the lawn and for most people, it’s one of those chores that they wish they didn’t have to do because of the carbon monoxide mowers release into the air.

You can have a great looking lawn and still take care of the environment by going green with the Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower. If you’ve never used cordless lawn equipment before, you’re in for a treat.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised as just how easy it is to use. Plus, there are many benefits to this product. You won’t have the issue of making sure that you have gas in the mower or of having to run up to the station to get some if you’re out.

The mower is extremely durable, long lasting and requires very little care. It can be used for any size yard and gets the job done quickly thanks to the wide 16 inch cutting deck. Whether you have tall or short grass, the mower will still be able to handle it.

You can change the height of the mower between 5 positions with the adjuster level on the side. This mower doesn’t require a pull cord so no more back strain trying to yank a mower into starting.

All you have to do is press a button and the mower’s ready to get to work. When you’re ready to store the mower, you can fold the handle down and it fits well, into even a small shed.

The mower has a quiet, smooth sound when it’s on so it’s not intrusive at all. Because it’s lightweight, it’s easy to push. Plus, it can deftly get around corners and close up to your home or around any yard decorations or flower beds.

It has this kind of maneuverability due to the wheels. You get a 6 inch wheel on the front and a 7 inch wheel on the back. All it takes is one charge to give you plenty of mowing time even if the grass is tall or wet.

This feature is thanks to the 40V 4Ah Li-Ion battery. The mower comes with a bag to catch the grass. The under carriage of the mower is designed to make getting the grass clippings into the bag easier.

But you don’t have to use this handy feature if you don’t want to. Another benefit to using this mower is that it can be used to mulch if you’d prefer that. Because it’s a cordless product, you won’t have to shell out any additional expenses for things like changing the oil.

If you’ve never used a cordless lawnmower before, you will need to learn to pay attention to the cord so that you don’t accidentally run over it. When you get the mower, you will have to put it together but it’s not difficult to do.

Click here to check it out on Amazon.

Installing The Wall Cabinets

Installing the upper cabinets in my big workshop corner rebuild project.
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Building cabinets 15

I forgot to build the face frame for this cabinet back when I built all the others. I opted to build it as a single unit. It will have to come through the window because it won't make the turn into the room from the hallway.

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Building cabinets 16

Finishing up the shelf cabinet.

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