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building my dream bookshelves

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DIY Amazon Tree Book Self Project with Scrapwood | Wooden Book Self | DIY Book Self Idea

DIY Amazon Tree Book Self Project with Scrapwood | Wooden Book Self | DIY Book Self Idea
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Building Book Shelves & Scanning Books

I'm so excited to build my new bookshelves, scan all my books into the Libib app, and then rearrange my books on my new shelves!

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#DIY Built-in Bookshelves pt 3 🖤🤘 #short #diyideas #ryobi #diyhomeimprovement

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Here's part 3 of our badass built-in bookshelves project. Are you with me so far? In this section I complete the right side of the bookshelves, and begin building out the left. I used standard size lumber and basic techniques for this entire build. This section shows how we began mocking up arches on the bookshelf. It was a little challenging, but this project can totally be accomplished by new DIYer. If you don't have a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig, I highly recommend picking one up. I have a link to the jig I'm using on my website. Link below.

UPDATE: I have since purchased a finish nailer for all my concerned TikTok followers haha

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Brandon shares DIY tips gained from his artistic background and the creative projects he tackles around the house. His unique point of view and specific aesthetic show through as much in his domestic experiments as they do in his personal style. He’s always looking to add to his creative and technical skill set.

Bookshelf organization and tour! ✨📚 | building my dream bookshelves 😭💕

Hi I was gone for two months but, here Is the bookshelf build I’ve been promising ✨

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Wooden shelves ideas for home #shorts||Adan’s collection

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Building Kitchen Base Cabinet Carcass with Super EASY Drawer Method

TEMPLATE: Here’s the free universal template for any width base cabinet that you can use to create almost any straight base cabinet:

CONFIGURATOR: The configurator can be used to have your plywood shipped to you precut

EDGE BANDING: The front plywood edges of a frameless cabinet need to be finished. If you use Shelf Help, the plywood pieces come prefinished with factory edge banding.

DOORS: I built my own doors but didn’t want to show the tutorial until we make sure they don’t warp out on us. Basically just a 1×4 frame pocket holed together and then routered out the back side and inset 1/4″ plywood. For now, recommending ordering doors, I’ve used Barker Door and Cabinet Now, both are reasonably priced and great.

DRAWER FACE: I designed this cabinet so the drawer face is just a 1×6. I used poplar.

HARDWARE/PAINT/HINGES ETC: The template has this information

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