Build Cabinets The Easy Way | Building and Installing Drawers

In This Video (part 2 of 3) I’ll show you how to build Cabinets the easy way

Links below to tools and supplies used:

Undermount Drawer Slides:
Pocket Hole Jig:
Set Up Blocks:
Wood Filler:
Tape Measure:
Safety Glasses:
Drill & Driver
Festool Jig saw:
Festool Rotex:
Festool Chop Saw:
Woodpeckers Flip Stops:
Table Saw Blade:
16 Guage Nail Gun:

Grizzly Tools: Use coupon code BOURBON10 to get 10% off

Table Saw:
Dust Collector:
Air Filtration:

Clickster - August 6, 2020

I’ve been anxiously awaiting this episode!

timeighty5 - August 6, 2020

I wish I would’ve seen this 2 weeks ago when I used side mount slides, It sucked installing them.

ReferenceThisObject - August 6, 2020

Part 3 hype train, all aboard.

Aaron Silber - August 6, 2020

I’ve enjoyed using lock miters with my router to make boxes lately. Works pretty well!

lintelle - August 6, 2020

I grew up in my grandfather’s woodshop. EVERYTHING was organized in Kind Edward cigar boxes!

Realism91 - August 6, 2020

I loved the way you installed those slides, totally using that method when I do face frames.

BradPow - August 7, 2020

“And finally…… I like to remove my drawers”

So wrong but so right?

Dennis Root - August 7, 2020

Thank you for this three part series. Your tip about the direction of the brad nails is genius. I enjoy your videos and your sense of humor. I look forward to future videos.

Michael Avery - August 7, 2020

Man I put some of these in my parents kitchen cabinets this would have made my life easier
There’s also a big difference in the actual Blum slides and the cheap China knock offs

Mark Kelly - August 7, 2020

I’m getting ready to build a double vanity for my bathroom remodel we’re doing. I was leaning toward side mounted draw slides, but now I’m definitely going under mount inset. Just found your channel and subscribed. Great stuff…

Josh Gray - August 7, 2020

My heart may want to use undermount slides for everything, but what my wallet wants is to be able to afford dinner.

If the client is willing to pay the upcharge, though…

Rich H - August 8, 2020

“And spread the glue using my patented Bourbon Moth glue brush.” LOL Nice video. Thank you!

Augcliffe - August 9, 2020

I love your “come at me bro” stance to the sh!t talking drawer slides

coda creator - August 11, 2020

Still trying to get to the bed before the light goes off. I thought I was the only one….

Knot Today Woodworking - August 11, 2020

I just went around my whole house and ripped all the drawers out and tore off the drawer slides and threw them across my shop.

Wood Silo Builds - August 12, 2020

Would love to get a branding iron for my logo, where’d you get yours?

J Pepper - August 12, 2020

Anyone know if he happened to mention the depth of the cabinet? And if he’s actually using the 21” drawer Slides he linked?

Paul Lobwein - August 13, 2020

Looking forward to Part 3 this has been the easiest to follow series ever.

shadowmaster335 - August 13, 2020

or you could just make spacers for those plywood mounts, makes it a no brainer to install

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