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My wife and I recently talked about upgrading our bathroom’s cabinet doors to be more like “mission style” cabinet doors, so I’m doing a little test run with the Amana Tool® Carbide Tipped InStile & Rail™ Router Bit Set.

These router bits are designed to cut precise grooves to provide undersized plywood veneered panels with a snug rattle-free fit. This is nice since most plywood isn’t exactly the size it says it is. They are also good for ½” undersized plywood as well.👌🏼

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Amana Tool 55438 Carbide Tipped InStile & Rail Mission Style/Straight 1-5/8” D 1/2” Inch Shank Router Bit Set

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Peter Gamache - September 23, 2020

Pro tip: add a slight bevel to the first half-inch of your router’s outfeed side. That prevents catches like the one seen at 0:35.

    ToolsToday - September 24, 2020

    Amazing tip! You are a true woodworker, thank you.

EightiesTV - September 24, 2020

Interesting way to make cabinet doors when you can’t cut mortises and tenons. That said, if you don’t cut the panels undersize, the rails and stiles will blow apart with humidity changes.

    Joshua Erickson - September 24, 2020

    I agree. This is the wrong way to make your doors. But if they can sell a cheap router bit set what do they care.

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