Build vintage piano from Greenleaf furniture kit 1982

THE PIANO – building from Greenleaf dollhouse furniture kit from 1982, This is the 3rd video on the series.

Only-In-My-Dreams * - April 23, 2019

Girl that was a wonderful tutorial love it. Wonderful edition to your Dollhouse.

    Loy Dollhouse - April 23, 2019

    You are very kind, thank you.

Debbie Dusterhoft - April 23, 2019

Enjoyed this. It looks great. Take care.

    Loy Dollhouse - April 23, 2019

    Always a pleasure to read you comments.

Loretta Tompkins - August 18, 2019

I dont know how I missed this one when it came out. Great Job. I have one to make also, but not going to make it for the house I am working on now. It will come later for one of the 3 other ones my husband got me.

    Loy Dollhouse - August 19, 2019

    But I am glad that you did find it.

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