Daniel Paez - August 8, 2014

Very well done mate! Great editing and to the point. Subbed.

    The Dirt Effect - November 3, 2014

    Thanks Dan, there are a couple of other projects in the wings, stay tuned.

Sammy Seventy 3 - September 9, 2014

Like it! Anyone who still uses a manual saw gets kudos!

    Michael Reyes - April 25, 2018

    Here are a lot of great woodworking plans that you can try out: LukeWood.xyz

ron adams - September 22, 2014

Like your stuff!!! Straight and to the point… No fancy tools!!! Just what I have!

Gabriel Garga - January 13, 2015

lol i found the editing very funny.

congrats, it’s a great piece!

mick szym - January 19, 2015

almost zero tools… and you made a great piece of furniture!!!!
you rock!!!!

pacara rahming - February 27, 2015

I love it! Simple rustic artistic! Even a cave girl cud do it! Lol

Paul - March 10, 2015

Nice build man, will do you proud for years to come!

JANE GROSS - May 11, 2015

I like the way you put this togather,thank you so much,

    The Dirt Effect - May 13, 2015

    @JANE GROSS Thanks Jane, if you liked this one, you might also enjoy the more recent build at, https://youtu.be/RmN-sI89MYo

vermilionskin - May 22, 2015

I enjoyed watching this.

Matty Samson - May 31, 2015

You have all the tools but no circular saw?

Shadow Pilot - July 7, 2015

Nice work on the video; I feel like other how-to videos need to reference your video… speed it up and keep the dialogue to a minimum.

The Great Devine - August 22, 2015

Great tip bud thanks for the idea

TheSuncatcher1 - September 24, 2015

Excellent! I love these projects that require a limited amount of tools! The free wood is a definite plus! Good work!

Mariano Carballo - September 24, 2015

cool! Thank you for the video. The place where I work at throws alway a lot of pallets and I just moved into a new apartment and don’t have much furniture. This was very helpful.

    The Dirt Effect - October 26, 2015

    +Mariano Carballo I like your approach to furnishing your new pad, all the best!

rtf1212 - October 10, 2015

I love the table and the tutorial. But, I really need your tea set in my life! I’m so jealous!!

keeemo4366 - November 3, 2015

tea with orange …………..wtf

    One Man Band Woodworks - January 3, 2018

    2 years since you made the observation however you must be corrected, that is a mandarin not an orange

sofi loreta - May 6, 2016

Super! Ever since I started working with Woody Hyezmar’s woodworking plans I’ve found it more and more simple to work on projects such as these.

Dylan Sanders - August 8, 2016

The audio from this video is probably my favorite part

ReflectingMe - August 15, 2017

OK, a few years old now, but a good demo of how to utilise a pallette to make a functional table. Cheers. Subscribed.

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