Building a Furniture Display

The Calgary Home and Garden Show is still currently going on!
We’ll be here till Sunday so if you want to stop by our booth here’s where you can get tickets:

Resin "Rivers" in Wood by Black Forest Wood Co.

Watch Black Forest Wood Co. create wooden tables and art with luminous "rivers" of colored resin.

Posted by My Modern Met on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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Harrison Ottens - March 1, 2019

What was EcoPoxy Liquid Plastic designed for if it wasn’t for river tables?

Robin Taylor - Mockingee Mill - March 1, 2019

Would love to see the show but NS is quite a drive . haha

William Mitchell - March 2, 2019

Awesome stuff!!

Gustavo Oliveira - March 2, 2019

make more videos arm wrestling challenge!!!!

    Gustavo Oliveira - March 6, 2019

    @Black Forest Wood Co. When? Next week?

Husk - March 3, 2019

awesome stuff!!

Dawss s - March 5, 2019

You guys are doing great things!

Harold H - March 29, 2019

When you’re pouring that thick, do you have to blow AC or fans at it?

James McGuire - April 14, 2019

Just curious do you ever get 12,000 dollar buyers at a home show?

Arron Orr - April 21, 2019

How often do you sell your work

Swedish Holmberg - May 10, 2019

I cant help but be a rain on this little party…so here goes…. ALL that epoxy! Drowning the wood, which is a live material. Theres no beauty to cant touch or feel it. :(. Youd just be caressing a ton of epoxy. …not to mention the environmental aspect. So sad that people dont even know what theyyre doing or what they are losing.

Frank E. Potts - May 13, 2019

I’d have to take out a loan just to buy an end table……lol.
Beautiful stuff though.
Loved the door.

Mainor Marroquin - May 14, 2019

Really nice pieces bro congrats really nice from cali

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