Building An Assembly Station With Cabinets From Sonic Tools

We really need a dedicated area for doing product assembly. Right now everything is assembled in the packing area & can get in the way of order picking and packing. Now we have a Sonic Tools cabinets array next to our fitting bin, so when someone assembles something, they have all the metal parts needed within 2 steps. I think it’s a great addition and it also looks awesome (That counts for like 2/3 of my approval). I forgot to order the vise (kind of important) & upper cabinets, so those will be on the way really soon.

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Luke Grandgenett - September 19, 2019

I want Bryce’s job

Donald Green - September 19, 2019

screw right handed people! j/k. not a bad set up for a home garage. I have a Matco, Snap On, Cornwell, and Mac tool dealer come to my work every week. As a trailer mechanic, it is tough finding the ideal box for what you do. When it comes to boxes, you can’t beat a Matco. Hand tools, I would pick Snap On, with exception to their pliers they suck. air tools is IR. battery powered tools is Milwaukee. Pliers is Knippex. I tend to like a lot of irwin cutting tools such as drill bits and razor blades. for the price, grey pneumatic impact sockets hold up pretty good. I pretty much told the Mac dealer get bent in a polite way. Don’t ever buy any new Mac products. All they sale is cheap rebrand at a high price. I am very picky about hammers, too. Nothing worse than a out of balance hammer when working on heavy equipment. By the way, some of us are waiting on the Corvette adventure. I didn’t realized I had a love for Camaros until I owned a 2000 Z28.

MDJAK - September 19, 2019

Nice setup.

Brian - September 19, 2019

“We don’t think that far ahead, Bryce.”

Piglet6256 - September 19, 2019

No plan?? whats this now? I seen the inlays when you setup the whole thing there, i would never use any off the tools in there and just look at them everyday, and then get a seperate tool set to use :). I see your dad is one of those toothpicker peeps 🙂 and yup it never fits haha

Anybody else wondering why he/she is watching Matt setup some cabinets? I just realise im actually watching someone moving some furniture and assembling some cabinets haha
But the place is getting to small Matt, its time to expand, and yes we get how to connect the 2 together, its not rocketscience 😛 , thats a shame, i would have like to see the impact driver 😛

Bryce lost focus a couple of times! but we forgive him, way better then the fixed camera stand! Yes i hate those stickers, cant handle those, it has to go and no leftovers or stickyness!! they put those on purpose to discourage people taking them off for sure!! there are stickers you just pull off and no crap left, they exist, but nooooo they have to put those things on!

Chris DiGiovanni - September 19, 2019

New shirt ‘Ted ain’t havin’ it”

Krazychoo - September 19, 2019


Mississippi Waterswatters - September 19, 2019

Matt, your dad is tougher than you!! No joke he is one tough dude!! Hell ya

traracp - September 19, 2019

Do you have a rogue sponsor?

    Obsessed Garage - September 22, 2019

    Ha, ha… Yeah, me.

JC - September 20, 2019

Love these type video’s, also I like how you tell us the cost of everything, not many people would say what they paid for their cars ,cycles , tools……

L8 APEX - September 20, 2019

Theres something really satisfying about the organization of tools in those sonic drawers

Brian D. - September 20, 2019

I thought surely, the “Obsessed Garage” would have installed Lista or Rousseau cabinets?

    Patrick Nash - September 20, 2019

    He has plenty of content on why he chooses Sonic, if you were interested FYI

Seth Wright - September 20, 2019

Removing the sticker part was my favorite cause that’s me with literally everything haha.. Just a big deep breath.

    Edwin Leland - September 20, 2019

    “Why does everything have to be 10 times more difficult, SIGH!” ha ha

Doug's Welding & Fabrication - September 20, 2019

you need the other half of that building…. you’re running out of room to be productive

    Obsessed Garage - September 22, 2019

    Working on it!

Andrew Gerhard - September 20, 2019

I watched this video like you put those cabinets together. I watched a little, had to go do some stuff, came back and watched some more and then had to do a few more things and then I finally finished it about 5 hrs later.

Ricardo Vasconcelos - September 21, 2019

Just another day at the office 🙂

KPN - September 21, 2019

Matt, given you attention for detail, I recommend you research the 5S process developed by Toyoda, it suits your business, continued success!

AUTO TV - September 22, 2019

Sonic Drawers

Juan Lanzalot - September 23, 2019

That’s some nice cabinets
If I send a pic of my dad works station you would freak lmao

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