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My client needed some custom built-in cabinets and bookcases in their upstairs room and had the perfect space for it. ***You don't need all of the tools in this video to create impressive woodworking and DIY projects. Get started with just 5 affordable power tools and a small workspace.
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More details about this project:

How to build the shaker doors in this video:

How to rip the 55 degree bevels in this video:

Tools and other accessories I use:

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About this video:
This channel is about helping you create impressive woodworking projects with just a few tools and limited space. But, it's always good to look forward to what you can accomplish once you develop your skills (and sometimes I just need to indulge my limited creative side). This is meant to be a story-based highlight video. Leave your thoughts below!

Colorado Crafter - February 12, 2020

They look great man!! Good Job!

    Out of the Woodwork - February 12, 2020


Andy Zavoina - February 12, 2020

Very nice build.

    Out of the Woodwork - February 12, 2020

    Thanks Andy!

David Hale - February 12, 2020

Excellent work! Turned out great. Nice edit too!

    Out of the Woodwork - February 12, 2020

    Thanks David!

Out of the Woodwork - February 12, 2020

I love making videos that tell a story. Let me know the most satisfying project you’ve completed. Maybe it was sentimental or just a huge undertaking and you’re proud to say you finished. If you’re a beginner, know that you don’t need all these tools, a large workspace, or an enormous project. Here’s a great place to start:

Sambojobo - February 12, 2020

Very nice build. Completely changed the look of the room. It looks great.

    Out of the Woodwork - February 12, 2020

    You’re exactly right! The transformation was really shocking. Thank you for the kind words!

ORGANIC DATA - February 20, 2020

wow. nice work.

    Out of the Woodwork - February 20, 2020


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