Custom Chair building process by Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers

Making a chair. This video shows the making of a set of chairs. These chairs are custom designed and handmade of solid walnut and crotch walnut. These chairs have a style that blends both a contemporary dining chair with a traditional dining chair. We made these chairs with a custom designed round pedestal dining table. These chairs are made with meticulously fit mortise and tenon joinery throughout and are designed for a clean look and overall comfort. Each chair is made from one plank of 8/4 walnut (2" thick) for consistency in grain and color throughout. The crotch walnut back splats are sawn from the same log for consistency while still having a unique look for each chair. .
At Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers we make fine custom and reproduction furniture to order. We use the most spectacular woods available today along with a passion to create the finest furniture available. Contact us for more information.

Alan Simpson - December 28, 2013

Amazing craftsmanship.

Freedom ForEver - December 28, 2013

Your work is always Beautiful.

deikin1 - December 29, 2013

Спасибо, прекрасная работа! 
Сколько времени уходит на изготовление этого проекта?

    roopesh kumar - March 28, 2018

    +Алексей Дементьев wood chair size

woodshed design - December 29, 2013

Beautiful work

Eric Pedercini - December 30, 2013

It cannot get any better than that, you guys are geniuses!

Steven DiGregorio - January 30, 2014

I want to get away from my power tools and do woodworking like you. What kind of glue are you using? Thanks for the video.

Manolo Chamorro - January 30, 2015

Congratulations so good work, just a question what kind of varnish did you use yo do the finished varnised, greetings from México

roshan tik - March 2, 2015

Beautifull chair

Sultan Maungco - March 22, 2015

i can only say WOW!

Al Smith - April 18, 2015

I can watch Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers videos over and over. Simply amazing work.

salvador valverde - July 27, 2015

Excelente trabajo, te felicito, pero tengo una duda, como se llama la herramienta que usas en el minuto 1:35 que marca es ?

Mauro Tapia - August 6, 2015

amazing works

icespeckledhens - August 16, 2015

thanks for the video, its good to see   mortice and tenons, hand tools and especially the compass plane in action.
Would it not be better to bend the back legs to shape with the cutting are you not losing some of the strength of grain running uninterrupted from top to bottom?

Scott Haun - May 16, 2016

are you sure this video isn’t supposed to be on vimeo? lol
its great!

Carl Zorro - June 3, 2016

came out niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Eduardo Marchezin Fernandes - June 24, 2016

Parabéns pelo trabalho ….. muito bonito …. Brasil .

Russianultraviolet - September 18, 2016

Is there an advantage to double tenon joint? I see in your videos a lot of double tenon joints. are they stronger? When are they recommended?

p ch - March 26, 2017

beautiful work

Ahmed ELbedawy - July 4, 2017

I learned a lot from you thank you brother

deric Cormier - August 15, 2018

Love to learn how to do this. The end results are so rewarding. Beautifully done

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