DIY Cabinet Doors, super simple. Measure and build

EDIT: At 4:52 in the video I said chamfer router bit by accident, I meant to say Rabbeting router bit. Sorry for the confusion.

I'll show you my simplest way to build high quality, beautiful cabinet doors without expensive tooling. This is a method that anybody can do and then when people see them you can say that you made them yourself!

– Tools/Materials Used (affiliate)
Pocket Hole Jig – (Canada) (USA)
Small Jig – (Canada) (USA)
Hinge Jig – (Canada) (USA)
Hardware Jig – (Canada) (USA)
Plugs – (Canada) (USA)
Hinges – (Canada) (USA)
Cabinet Pull – (Canada) (USA)
Router – (USA)
Hand Plane – (Canada) (USA)

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mike roten - April 7, 2019

good video thanks for the tips

Jaron Allen - April 12, 2019

Thanks man. Well done!

Paddy's Tales - June 30, 2019

Thanks! Love your vids!

Malorie - July 29, 2019

I am confused about the chamfer router bit. Wouldnt that make a beveled edge for the plywood to sit in? all the chamfer bits ive found are beveled but yours doesnt look beveled. thanks for the video!

    CanaDIYan - July 30, 2019

    Omg I did say chamfer bit. I’m sorry, must’ve had a mind blank. I meant to say Rabbeting router bit. Thanks for the comment!

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