DIY Workshop Remodeling: Build Overhead Cabinets RLR S02 Ep 1

As we start a new series, we also start some new chapters in our life. I was laid off from my job this past week, so we are finishing up the workshop so that I have a place to work on Handyman projects to bring in some revenue. This week’s project is repurposing some old broken cabinets into some overhead cabinets & two upright cabinets for the walls. Give it a watch! We are a family of 5 dealing with autism spectrum disorder – ASD, ADHD, OCD, anxiety, & navigating special education, IEP amendments, & laughing at our kids’ non-stop antics. Subscribe to our channel to see other videos about parenting tips & advice, organizing & cleaning tips and hacks for messy rooms, & ideas for engaging with your kids through game nights, road trips, & funny challenges.

Jurassic Jameson - August 5, 2019

Real life Reddell’s, UNDER CONSTRUCTION
A new series, a new intro! And……. new music????

    Real Life Reddells - August 5, 2019

    I know, right?

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