Fall Lawn Care | Pre-Seed Mow Down | Lawn Scalping

Fall Lawn Care | Pre-Seed Mow down. In today’s video, I take you along as I perform one last task to prepare my lawn for fall over seeding; I show you how to lower your mowing height in preparation for fall lawn seeding.

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Emilio Nunez - September 2, 2019

What’s a good temperature to reseed for this spring?

A’s Lawn and Landscaping - September 2, 2019

Nice video bro! Sweet edits!

BEOD357 - September 2, 2019

Brah! Your music/soundtrack choices during editing improve the watching experience by %1000! I’m convinced the “Funk Force” is strong with this one! Link(s) for music please… Great work brah.

Marshall Houx - September 2, 2019

Hi Jake are you going to put a mulch kit for your John Deere I have one on my riding mower and have for years they work great

G V - September 2, 2019

My lawn looks damage at 2 in !!!! Jake will it recover?? I overseed Saturday 31th

    Jake The Lawn Kid - September 2, 2019

    Yes, just don’t mow it for at least 2 weeks and water it every day, 3x a day for 20 minutes each time.

Euro Yard Service - September 2, 2019

Jake, some really great shots and editing. I would’ve cut it down to 1.5”. The shorter it is the easier it is for overseeding. The lawn should be recovering dust fine with all your pampering.

Dadding All Day - September 2, 2019

Awesome video! I’m preparing to do this myself, but didn’t really have a plan. Thanks Jake!

Richie 85 - September 2, 2019

Great video jake cant wait to see the seed go down

Z G - September 2, 2019

Damn bro, looks a little too thick to overseed. Hope all works out man!

Jimmy Lewis - September 3, 2019

You had a similar result as me taking the lawn down. I found that 2.75″ is money for my lawn. Next notch down is 2.25″, and that’s when my high spots start becoming exposed. Great job documenting the process.

john g - September 3, 2019

Good job Jake! Is Silverback your lawn inspector ? lol

Jason G - September 3, 2019

I need to measure mine. I think I like the level I am at right now.

James Alves - September 3, 2019

Damn brah u need some sun block ur face is red as fack

Kevin R - September 3, 2019

Would now be a good time to seed bermuda in upstate sc?

Omar Garcia - September 4, 2019

Serious question.

Why wouldn’t you Bag every time when working down height to overseed ? In my mind if you’re trying to get seed soil contact it’s better to prevent as much clippings as possible from working their way down to the soil in the first place.

obed holguin - September 4, 2019

I think you’re secretly trying to make the switch to reel mowing. Haha

Don’s Lawns - September 7, 2019

Nice shots! You could definitely tell the lawn did not like 2.5 inches…

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