Fall lawn preparation for Bermuda lawn, Fall Lawn care tips for all

We are getting down to it. Fall is around the corner. This video is about Fall lawn preparations for your Bermuda Lawn. there are 4 steps that I take to ensure a successful transition. The first step is insect control. lets get those ant mounds and pesky mites out of the way. the second step is weed control for those stubborn weeds lingering around. step 3 is a final lawn fertilizer feeding low in Nitrogen and the final Stage is Prodiamine to prevent those winter weeds you see in the Spring.

Now Since there are so many items you may need I will provide this one link to make it easier to shop.

once you are there sign in as normal and shop away.
this is a direct link to the Purely Organic lawn food https://amzn.to/2LflkAx

chris-style405 - September 1, 2019

Are you guy’s gonna get some of the outside bans of hurricane Dorian?

    Bermudagrass Central - September 1, 2019

    chris-style405 not here.

Kountrytimes - September 1, 2019

Great video BYD! I’m looking forward to parts 3 and 4.

    Kountrytimes - September 1, 2019

    Bermudagrass Central yep! I kinda prefer the longer vids. Kinda feels like a tv show!

juvaholics - September 1, 2019


terry roberson - September 1, 2019

Good see Jr. Good job

Danny Sanchez - September 1, 2019

I use blindside it killed all spurge in two application.

Danny Sanchez - September 1, 2019

Question, is it bad if I add liquid spectracide with prodiamine in my back pack sprayer? (Together)

    Bermudagrass Central - September 1, 2019

    Danny Sanchez yes you can spike it, just make sure the rates for each are 1k sq ft

Greg Egan - September 1, 2019

How have you been liking the Purely Organic fertilizer? I’ve used it once so far and not greatly impressed.

    Wayne Essar - September 2, 2019

    I think he means it would not give instant results.
    If you wanted to try again use it in addition to a fast acting salt based feed like Ammonium sulphate.
    You will get the instant green and the soy bean meal in the p.o. will feed the soil systems.

    Greg Egan - September 2, 2019

    @Wayne Essar Yeah I know the organics have to work through soil microbe action first. I’ve been using Milorganite and other organic products this year, they may be healthier for the lawn in the long run but you definitely don’t get that fast green up that chemical fertilizers give. I’ll probably use a combination of both in the future.

Skylar Sky - September 2, 2019

Thanks for the video..I applied Prodiamine on August 23… was that too early.
I am in Georgia too.

    Bermudagrass Central - September 2, 2019

    Skylar Sky depends on the rate and when you reapply. Example ( you did .83 per one k and that’s the only app for 12 months ) your good on winter weeds but may need post Emergent help on summer weeds . Or you did .20 and don’t plan on another app until next year then you’ll probably get winter weed in the spring

    Skylar Sky - September 2, 2019

    Okay.. thank you for the reply!!

A B - September 2, 2019

How you know your Bermuda it’s starting to go dormant? Even though I’m on Texas draught. I’ve been watering everyday. Just applied organic fert + iron and the Bermuda is looking pretty healthy green. I’m thinking we’re a lil too early for these steps since we’re still in the upper 90’s. Thanks for the tips byd

    Bermudagrass Central - September 2, 2019

    A B it may be to early in you region so if you Lawn is still growing you still need to get it prepped. I’m assuming though with 100 plus weather it’s nots growing much. In my region mid towards the end September mine will start to go dormant.

    tim borski - September 2, 2019

    Yeah its tricky here in TX, day time highs in upper 90s almost 100 then nights are getting in mid 70s. Need to find that window to push and get ready for winter.

Ryan Pounds - September 2, 2019

Got the Bayer spray insect killer at Walmart for $7 on sale right now. Regularly $9 and some change.

Raymond Joyner - September 2, 2019

Byd, I have a question. I had the max of prodiamine put down in February, then two applications of msma in June. Is it safe for me to use the spectracide crabgrass killer now?

    Bermudagrass Central - September 2, 2019

    +Raymond Joyner yes, just know if it is still hot there you’ll get a herbicide burn. Spot treat if it is not a lot.

    Raymond Joyner - September 2, 2019

    Thank you sir. We are still dealing 80-90 degree weather here in eastern NC.

Triple Option - September 2, 2019

BYD, for the longest time I didn’t know that was called spurge. Just started popping up on my yard a few weeks ago. Would it be best to spot treat it?

Omeed Al Dalw - September 3, 2019

Sir there no link for the products that you use? Thanks

    Bermudagrass Central - September 3, 2019

    Omeed Al Dalw http://www.amazon.com/shop/Bermudagrasscentral

    Omeed Al Dalw - September 3, 2019

    Thank you sir that will help?

D S - September 3, 2019

JR edge like a pro WOW! Father taught well.

Robert Dobbs - September 3, 2019

Great video. Live in a transition zone lawn mostly Bermuda would like to over seed with perennial ryegrass for the fall winter. How would you handle pre-emergent with this type of transition.

Lance Lenoir - September 4, 2019

Yep! You in the south. Its 87 degrees and feels good outside. LOL
Started early morning on labor day doing this very thing and when it hit 93 about 1:30 i thought its cooler than last week.
I didnt spot spray for any of my weeds because we are going be in mid to upper 90s thru this sunday. What you think about hitting the weeds hard here in the south when the temps drop back in the 80s?

James Varnes - September 7, 2019

I keep my Bermuda at 4″ in the front yard, with minimum watering, my grass is nice and green and we are in the 100s everyday here in Texas. Should my grass be at 3″?

James Varnes - September 7, 2019

would you recommend that I start to cut it down 1/2″ at a time as the temperatures drop? What is the benefit of going down to 1″ height for the winter months? Love your videos!!! Is that Snapper mower your son uses self-propelled?

    Bermudagrass Central - September 8, 2019

    James Varnes once you lose your greeness then yes. The lower it is come next season means earlier green up.

Randy Mullins - September 8, 2019

Hey brother thanks for a great video…im thinking of switching from f escue to Bermuda. What’s a good quality seed to used in red clay of North Carolina??

    Randy Mullins - September 8, 2019

    @Bermudagrass Central do you have a video for the prep needed when switching over? And thanks for the reply

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