Hanging Shop Cabinet Time Lapse

Watch this hanging shop cabinet time lapse video and learn how to build a hanging shop cabinet of your own. This hanging shop cabinet was fun to build and I used many woodworking techniques to complete this cherry shop cabinet. The hanging shop cabinet is made from cherry wood, plywood, and particle board and features glass doors. A hanging shop cabinet is perfect for workshops and saves space while providing great organization for your workshop or woodshop. I will use this shop cabinet in my workshop for woodworking tools, materials and wood finishing products such as stains and natural oils. The hanging cabinet that I build in this cabinet time lapse video is very large coming in at nearly 4 ft by 4ft. Overall, I believe that by providing this hanging cabinet video to you that it will not only inspire you but give you great ideas for your own shop cabinet in your own workshop or woodshop. I was very happy how this workshop cabinet turned out and I think if you built a workshop cabinet similar to mine that you would be pleased with the results! Thanks you for checking out this hanging shop cabinet time lapse video, I hope you have a great day!

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David Thompson - July 16, 2020

Very nice, let me know when you will be bringing the cabinet over!

    Shopfix - July 16, 2020

    Hey, thank you I appreciate it! No problem I’ll be right over with the 2-day delivery. Anyways, have a good one, take care.

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