How to Build a Base Cabinet with Drawers | DIY Shop Storage

The perfect project to add garage / shop storage, I show you how to build a base cabinet with drawers. This DIY base cabinet will take organization in your workshop to the next level BLOG:

BUILD PLANS with cut list and step by step instructions:

Thank you to Kreg Tool for sponsoring this video! –

Tools/Supplies Used (affiliate):

Kreg Conceled Hinge Jig –
Kreg Accu-Cut –
Kreg Drawer Slide Jig –
Kreg Cabinet Hardware jig –
Kreg K4 Pocket Hole jig –
Kreg R3 Handheld Pocket Jig-
Kreg Deep Face Clamp –
Kreg Right Angle Clamp –
Kreg 1.25" Screws –
KREG 4' top track –
Kreg adeisive tape measure –
Kreg Swing Stop –
Kreg Stop Block –
22” Drawer Slides –
110 deg euro hinge –
Flush cut saw –
Parallel Clamps –
Table Saw –
Trim router –
18ga brad nailer –
Glue bottle –
Random Orbital Sander –
Respirator –
Water Based Polyurethane –
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Tom's Dreamshop Worx - September 25, 2017

Big fan of Kreg products. I’ve been using their pocket hole jigs for about 17 years now. Nice solid cabinet!I appreciate you showing the errors, it helps all of us. I built 8 drawers one time 1″ to wide forgetting to subtract for the drawer slides. We’ve all been there.

Fix This Build That - September 26, 2017

If you want plans to build this base cabinet you can get them here:

    WB Fine Woodworking - May 15, 2018

    I just found this video. It will be helpful for the cabinets I’m building for my shop. Thanks.

    Dalibor Šimčák - August 26, 2018


    Lee Murray - October 21, 2018

    What did it cost in materials?

    ridiculishious - May 2, 2019

    Do you know if the plans account for the drawer clearance vs the 110 degree door hinge? Like you mentioned in the video, it will change the dimensions of the drawers, and I’d like to plan ahead.

    PAUL MILLER - June 30, 2019

    I have been looking for something just like this, will be my winter project, thanks ….

Bobby Stanley - December 30, 2017

We all screw up. My grandpa used to say that the best carpenter is the one that fixes his mistakes the best.

    Fix This Build That - December 31, 2017

    +Bobby Stanley absolutely!

    Ryan McCue - December 18, 2018

    My boss always tell me the same and that his dad taught him that

Grandpa's Gaming - March 30, 2018

Awesome build. I’m 6 months behind! Lol I’m just getting into woodworking and love this cabinet!!! Your video was clear and crisp!

    Fix This Build That - March 30, 2018

    Welcome to the craft!

Yudi Wijaya - March 31, 2018

Very-very helping me. Thanks for making this video.

Joseph Hoffman - April 24, 2018

Great build! It is honing some project ideas I have. One suggestion though, add nuts to your adjustable legs to lock them at the preferred height. Vibration from power tools will cause them to walk out of adjustment.

    Adam Richardson - January 15, 2019

    If you guys are interested I have a huge collection of 16,000 woodworking plans that you can use. You can find them here: *WoodPlan. info*

Saint Barthélemy - September 27, 2018

Now that’s a very nice tutorial ! Must have been a lot of work… Congratulations for the final result.

Fred Astaire - November 4, 2018

wow! That cabinet looks amazing. How did you first learn to build a cabinet like that?

    Fix This Build That - November 7, 2018

    Woodworking magazines!

Dashcam Trucker - December 19, 2018

Love the video! These frameless cabinets are almost the exact kind I was going to build for my kitchen. However, only using braces for the frame and not putting a bottom shelf was something I didn’t think of. I’ve been trying to figure out ways to save wood and that was a good idea thank you. I’m not sure if it’ll work, I’m thinking about trying it on my drawers, but another thing you can think about doing instead of having to shim up your drawer rails is to Mount them to the bottom of the drawers instead of the sides. It would require installing a couple of small braces to attach the rails to and will also require using a thicker bottom to the drawer so essentially a little bit more material but on the other hand your drawers could go edge-to-edge and your rails would be hidden on the bottom.

Fisher Man - January 19, 2019

Nice job fix this build it, U have many tools

Jb B - January 29, 2019

Brad, outstanding video and project.  Your attention to detail really resonates with me.  I appreciate quality and your projects always  turn out fantastic!  Thanks for posting!!

Johnny Umphress - February 27, 2019

I love those Kreg jigs and the K5 pocket hole unit. My collection of Kreg jigs is growing rapidly.

Jack Dundon - March 5, 2019

After watching this video. I think I can build my first cabinet in like 20 minutes.

Michael Keefe - March 7, 2019

Would using 120 degree hinges swing the door enough out of the way to avoid shimming the slides?

    Fix This Build That - March 14, 2019

    It could but the cost 3x as much if not 4x.i priced it and was ridiculous

Paul O - March 16, 2019

You need to try a keep foreman. I don’t miss my k5 at all. Great video!

Larry Minichello - April 18, 2019

Great video with helpful tips!
Question….any idea why slides need to be recessed 1/8 from front of cabinet. I know instructions show it but I can’t understand why? Seems like flush mount would work just as well and would look better. Any idea why?

Rob Anderson - May 14, 2019

Old video, but I’d suggest using a speed square to ride the jig saw against for those toe kicks.

Gregg Pelliccia - July 12, 2019

Awesome build! Sold me, I bought the plans and will build several of these in my garage this year! Thank you for the inspiration

    Fix This Build That - July 18, 2019

    Thanks for the support!

mma - August 7, 2019

Your videos are great. Please don’t fast forward it.

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