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How to Build a Coffee Table out of Pallet Wood: Project 5 Paint/Distress/Antique Furniture

Hello. Hi Guys. Thanks for checking out this week’s project on beach bum living. This week I’m going to show you how I turn this pile of pallets into this cool looking Pallet wood coffee table. So come check it out with me.

All right, so am I looking for pallets right now? And they’re actually really easy to find. You know, I never really paid attention to them before, but now that I’m looking for pallets, I noticed that they’re everywhere. And a lot of times I’ll just go behind the businesses where their dumpsters are. And that’s usually what I’ll have a stack of them that they’re wanting to get rid of, whether they’re, they just don’t need them or they have a couple of broken boards on them so they don’t want that. They’re not able to use them. So they’re actually really easy to find. And I’m just looking for some of the older looking ones. I don’t really want them, ones that are brand new looking to me look as good when when I’m building the furniture. So that’s what I’m doing and hope we can find some really good ones here.

All right, so here’s the spot. Uh, found some toddlers before and this is what I was talking about a lot of times back in the back of these buildings, they’ll have where they throw, a lot of times they want to keep their good ones, but some of these busted ones though, throw it back here and this is exactly what I’m looking at where like some of this older wood and this will, this will look really good once, once it’s cleaned up. So I’m gonna collect these and uh, go ahead and take them home and they start breaking them down.

Alright, so I’ve got in the palace back. The next thing I’m gonna do is go ahead and break you down into individual boards, which I pretty much found. There’s two different ways to go about this. You can either use this if you have one, it’s a saws. All right? What I’ll do is just go behind these doors and saw on the nails in half, which will release. He’s taught boards that I’m going to use to build a furniture from these two by four braces that are in the middle. You can do, you can use that if you don’t have one of those, no big deal. You just use a hammer and anything you have like a pry bar, which is over whatever to get under the boards to be able to pry him away from us to afterwards. So that’s two options. I’m going to show you both and you can see which one you like better. But that’s what I’m doing next. I’ll go ahead and break these down. And this is kind of the, the big, you know, the biggest pain to use in pallets to go furniture is the breaking down part.


All right. So I’ve gotten all the boards disassembled and here’s the main difference in between cutting them off or prying them off. See when I cut them off, see how it cut the nails off. Flush his, he hears the nail heads on the board and I came through and cut him off to better get these out cause I’m gonna wanna get all the nails out cause I’m going to play in these boards to give them a a nice look. I’m going to use one of these little pin things and just from from the back side.


Just go ahead and get these, the pry up a little bit. You can see how it, it pushes it through so that now you can get the hammer and they’re already, they’re already cut to real small. So the real easy to pry out as you can see in here is the other ones that I pried up. See the nails all the way in intact is actually a lot easier just to go ahead.


Hammer these out and then you can of course pull them out really easily. So that’s the two different ways they both accomplish the same thing, but it just a matter of it seems like cutting them off. Did they come up a lot quicker? But as far as getting the nails out, it might be a little more time consuming. Use Them. One of these. All right, so I’ve gotten all the boards, cleaned up, all the nails out and he kind of staples anything like that. Completely clean up. Any metal. Next thing I’m gonna do is just go ahead and skim off just a this thin layer off the top of the boards just to bring out the woodgrain and just kind of uncovered cause I mean they kind of gotten dingy looking even though you can use them like just like this and you know, it’s still a pretty cool, I just want a fresh in the boards up a little bit. So I’m going to use this power planer and just lightly go over it. Okay.

all right, so I’m done planning all the word thinking. I think they all turned out really good. They just got a really nice look to him. The next thing I’m gonna wanna do is to me for the project that I’m doing for the clock.

The next thing I’m doing is I’m going to actually, here’s like the standard piece of wood that comes off a pallet to me for the project and I’ll do it for the coffee table for the Chevron that I want to be doing on for the top. I think these are a little too thick as far as the width goes. I want to get a little bit more wood on the top of my coffee table. So what I’m doing is I’m going to actually rip these down and trim down so they’re a little thinner so that can fit more of the pieces of wood onto the coffee table. And you’ll kind of see in a little while what I’m talking about, okay.

Alright, so I just finished cut down all the pallet boards down to the width I was wanting. I cut him down to two and a half inches. I cut down the piece of plywood to the dimensions of the coffee table top that I’m building, which is a two foot by four foot and this is just regular plywood and it’s going to be, it’s going to serve as kind of like the base to the pallet boards that I put on just to give it a sturdy support system. So I have this cut down. I went ahead and drew a center line right down the middle just to kind of give me a reference point because what I’m doing next is I’m cutting the, the pallet boards that the ends with a 45 degree angle. And what it’s going to do is with this line I drone is John is a reference point. I’m just going to have these on here like that right down the center and you can see how it’s going to form this Chevron look and I’m just going to continue all the way down with this pattern.


All right. So I got the boards cut, now I’m going to start an attachment to the plywood.


All right. So I finished up the top and as you can see it starting to turn out really cool. I just think it looks really rustic and neat looking and with this Chevron pattern in it, I just think it looks really neat, but all I did was once I finished attaching the pallet boards to the piece of plywood and then I went around and cut off all the excess with a circular saw, it kind of left it with a rough edge. So all I did to kind of frame the top of the coffee table was I used a one by two and just attached it and you can see it kind of gives it a a cleaner edge. I’m just thinking if it kind of cleans it up a little bit, but that was, that was the last thing I did. Top is done. Now I just need to be able to, now I just need to build the base.


All right. So I finished the symbol in the base and went together really easy. So all I had left to do really is to attach this base to the top. And I’m just going to use the Craig Jig and just drill some pocket holes along the base and then just attach it to the top. So it should be a really simple, and that should be the last thing as far as assembling this coffee table.

All right, so I’m done with the pallet wood coffee table and as you can see, I think it turned out really cool. It was a pretty easy project. The hardest part probably was breaking down the pallets and cleaning the wood up cause I was the by far in the most time consuming part because once I had all the wood cleaned and cut and everything, it was really easy to put together actually. Because all I did was I actually looked on the Internet to kind of get a common dimension for a coffee table because I really wasn’t sure. I’ve never built one of these before. I didn’t have any kind of plans to go by or anything like that. So I looked it up and it seemed like a two foot by four foot by about 16 inches tall was a pretty common dimension. So that’s what I went with and that’s what I was able to cut down my plywood and down into was a two by four, two by four foot.

And then once I had that down it was really easy to just go ahead and start putting the pieces of pallet, pallet wood on top and everything. And then once I framed it out, the bottom was actually pretty easy cause you can see all I did was used the leftover two by fours that are basically the center parts of the braces of the Palette that the pallet wood that I use for the top is attached to. And I just left it just natural, you know, I didn’t change anything to it. I cut it down just a little bit on the ends just to, to fit the dimensions I was using for the base. But other than that, I just let the natural add some four by four posts still left over from when I collected all that driftwood from the beach. And that worked out nicely.

But it was really easy. I mean it’s something you could go, you guys at home could do. And I’m actually done. So I’m done building it, but I’m not quite done yet. I think I want to add some colors. Not going to be in this video. You have to check out my next video because what I plan on doing is leaving the top natural. It looks awesome just like it is. I don’t want to really mess with that. But the bottom, I want to add some color. So what I kind of plan on doing I think is adding a little bit of stain to darken the wood up and then puts, put a cool color on top so you don’t have to check on my next video though. W yeah, it’s about to find out how I do that. So I appreciate you guys checking out Beach bum living. I appreciate you guys subscribing and uh, if you’d like the video, remember to like it. And I guess I’ll see you guys on the next video where I put a little color into this, a pallet wood coffee table. So see you guys next time.

Chuck Adams - December 2, 2013

you could leave the wood rough and add a inset glass top, flush with the sides…
although, all I ever built was a bird feeder – so hush ma mouf!

1spicytomato - February 4, 2014

going to use pallet wood
to replace florida room ceiling
got damaged by rain

Thomas Raminta - February 21, 2014

Thank you for the tips. Looks good!

rochat - March 8, 2014

As far as the treated pallets are concerned, most people are just repeating information they’ve read on youtube without still knowing the facts.

Pallets SHOULD be stamped with a code that tells you the country of origin and how it’s been treated. Just google what the codes mean and be aware of what you are picking up. Pallets that have transported food products SHOULD be heat treated (safe to use), but you should still check.

m Aa - March 15, 2014

It is difficult, we do’t have this material, it is for professionals.

Philip Alpers - April 24, 2014

“pin thing” is a center punch

    TheSofajockey - January 26, 2015

    Or a “nail set”…

    CnF C.W P - June 28, 2017

    or nail punch

    Chris Linson - August 25, 2017

    Or an awl

Steve Kriens - May 30, 2014

I enjoyed your project and am inspired to go out and find some pallets. Thanks for sharing.

CVRIV ALL DAY - June 9, 2014

Center punch.

Andrew Cortés - July 3, 2014

But how did you attached the base to the rest of the table?

Thanks for sharing!

Bart Neirinck - July 8, 2014

All that work to make the top look great.
And u show it for maybe 20 seconds when its finished….

Moon Raker - July 10, 2014

Thanks for the posting and the awesome ideas on your coffee table. I’m totally Geeked up on building one!

Dalton Cesar - August 5, 2014

Excelente trabalho. Parabéns.

Dakota Davis - November 3, 2014

Thanks for sharing simplicity

WSR WeeklyPicks - January 17, 2015

pallet woods can be highly toxic for in house use.look for pallets stamped with an “HT”, which means they haven’t been exposed to chemicals (at least not in the treating process.) Avoid unmarked pallets or those with “MB” for methyl bromide.

    WSR WeeklyPicks - February 11, 2015

    @Rebbecca Didio ty

    Danise Smith - July 22, 2015

    @WSR WeeklyPicks thanks for the info!

    MillwoodInc - December 4, 2017

    Just because pallets are heat treated does not mean they haven’t been exposed to chemicals. It simply means the pallets have been heated at 133* F for 30 minutes to ensure any residue such as chemicals or foods are killed so the pallets can be used for export.

Avanti Morocha - March 16, 2015

I love it. I always want to make one. Can you please make a video of the basic tools you should have at home to build furniture? I own just a screwdriver and a few pliers 🙂

    BeachBumLivin - April 5, 2015

    @Avanti Morocha Thank you very much Avanti!! For basic projects it doesn’t really take a whole lot of tools. I started out borrowing things as I needed them until I felt the need to actually buy them. Just to get started, a screw gun and some sort of saw to cut the wood will get you started!! 🙂

    Avanti Morocha - April 29, 2015

    @Emily Daniel Cool, thanks 🙂

    Avanti Morocha - June 8, 2015

    @Russell Gitlitz That seems to be a lot of tools. I’m not planing open a shop 🙂 How about starting with Ryobi One+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Ultimate Combo Kit (6-Tool)?

    BeachBumLivin - June 14, 2015

    @Avanti Morocha Yes, a very place to start. I have that same kit.

Turnin Too - October 5, 2015

Hey man! this table was the first wood project I ever did 3 years ago! Haven’t stopped since then and have turned the hobby into a nice income source for my family. Just want to say thanks!

Dave the Wave - December 31, 2018

4 x 4s look too chunky for the legs… also could have trimmed the frame a bit.

BeachBumLivin - February 18, 2019

CHECK OUT Stayin’ Savvy on Youtube for new videos in 2019!!

Kristen McClelland - March 31, 2019

Thanks! I’m about to make this pattern in window shutters, Wish me luck! lol

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