How to Build a Patio Chair – DIY Outdoor Chair Build

Hey there. Welcome to DIY projects with Pete. Today we’re going to build a patio chair. Let’s get to it. The first step is to measure and mark for your cuts for step-by-step photos and plans. Head over to or click the link in the description below. Today’s project is built out of Cedar for the front legs. Measure up from the bottom to determine placement for the two by six board which will connect the legs. Once you have the initial mark, measure five and a half inches up and put another mark. Use a carpenter square to draw cutting line on the wood and here’s an up close view showing the process. These cutout areas are what the two by six board will eventually rest in. Use a jigsaw to cut the notches which are one and a half inches deep. Start by cutting each end.

Then cut the backline starting from the center and working out to each back corner test fit the board to make sure it fits and make adjustments to the notch if it needs to be widened. Once the notches are cut, sand the boards to remove rough edges and to smooth things out. Dry fit the front section to double check that everything fits together. Then use a combination of wood glue and screws to connect the boards. Make sure the boards are square to each other before fastening them in place, and drill pilot holes prior to inserting wood screws. To help prevent the wood from splitting, you’ll use a total of four screws for this step and then use a damp rag if needed to remove any excess glue. Now we’ll move on to the arm supports, cut them to length, then flip the front leg section upside down so you can use the flat surface of the tabletop to help hold the supports in place while connecting them.

Drill pilot holes and use wood glue and screws for each joint. I used three screws to attach each board, cut the rear legs with 15 degree angles on each end. You can use a first board as a template to mark the cuts for the second rear leg. If you are using Cedar, finished on only three sides like I am, make sure the boards are oriented correctly so the rough side is pointing toward the inside of the chair. Measure back from the front leg to determine placement for the rear leg. Use a clamp to hold the leg in place. Then attach with wood blue and screws. Then move on to the second rear leg. Again, measure back and then glue clamp and screw the leg in place. The angle on the top of the board should sit flush with the arm support and the bottom angle should sit flush with the ground.

Measure up from the bottom of each rear leg and make a mark. Put the board in place. Make sure it sits parallel to the ground, and then use clamps and connect with two screws on each side. Notice the front of the lower support corners are flush with the front of the rear legs. Next cut. The three seats supports the front ends are straight and the back are at a 15 degree angle. The shorter end of the board should be about flush with the rear support. Connect each outer seat support to the from the inside. The top of the seat support will be flush with the front two by six board. It should also be parallel to the arm support. I then added an additional center support to help distribute the weight use glue and then put the screws in at an angle to connect the center board.

Pocket holes would also work great for this process. If you have a pocket hole Jig, we’ll move on to cutting the tube back. Rest supports cut a 15 degree angle on each end. Line them up so they rest on the back horizontal support and are flush with the rear angle of the seat support. Then determine if you’d like to round over the tops of the board instead of rounding with the coffee can and Jigsaw. I use the miter saw to make a couple of angled cuts. Then I used that first board as a template for the second line up the rear supports again and draw a line where it intersects the arm support. Then use a circular saw to cut the angle to remove the excess wood, clean things up a bit with a sander and then we’ll fasten the back rest supports. Use Glue and pre-drill before inserting the screws.

Add the screws from the inside and attach at both the outside seat support and the armrest support. Now we can add the wood slats to complete the back and seat. Start by placing a one by four board at the bottom of the backrest faceted in place. Then use quarter inch spacers to help evenly distribute each board. Continue working your way up until all slats are in place. Always pre drilling. Before inserting the screws you may need to rip a board or two on a table saw down in width to make it fit perfectly. Use clamps to ensure the backer of supports stay at the proper distance from each other so everything goes together correctly. Next at the wood slats for the seat of the chair. The front slat should overlap the front of the two by six by about a quarter of an inch. The rest of the boards are attached using pretty much the same process as we use for the backrest.

Use a table saw to trim down a Slatter to if needed to get a perfect fit. Use One by six boards to create the armrests. The back will line up flush with the back arm rest support. The front will overhang the armrests support about an inch. I cut a 45 degree angle for the back of the armrest and I used a paint can and jigsaw to round off the front ends. Sand the cuts and attach each armrest from the top site using glue, making sure to pre drill and then put in the screws. The armrests are a great size to set a cup of coffee on and your favorite book. Fill in the screw holes with wood putty. Let that putty Kier and then sand away the excess before adding a finish. Do a quick sanding over the entire chair. Lastly, apply a finish of your choice for this project.

I used a couple coats of semi-transparent deck stain and that’s all there is to it for the complete tutorial and plans. Head over to [inaudible] dot com forward slash patio chair. If you found this video helpful, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching and cheers from Montana. For more DIY inspiration and project ideas, please subscribe to the channel and check out some of the other patio project videos. Click on the left thumbnail to see how to build an outdoor concrete coffee table and on the right thumbnail to see that concrete patio table, which was featured in make magazine. Thanks again for watching and cheers from Montana.

Schranzoslavek - August 30, 2016

Did someone say pocket holes? XD
-Steve Ramsey

Looks really nice, Pete, good job!

    DIY PETE - August 30, 2016

    ha sure did! 🙂 Cheers and thanks man

Barry Roberts - August 30, 2016

Great talk through build and Video, off to the Website I go as usual. TC, Barry (from England)

    DIY PETE - August 30, 2016

    Thanks Barry! Great to hear from you and have a good evening over there in the UK!

Raul Guzman - August 30, 2016

Yes sir great build Pete nice patio chair

    DIY PETE - August 30, 2016

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Omar Aguirre - August 31, 2016

this chair came out soo good really liked the stain you applied . Great job !

    Pete Sveen - August 31, 2016

    Thanks Omar, hope all is well!

TheQuiltingfun - August 31, 2016

so beautiful… you are awesome!!!

    Pete Sveen - August 31, 2016

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R Capeling - August 31, 2016

awesome video as always!!!! u bring so much value to the DIY community~  thank you for all your videos

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Jason Hash - August 31, 2016

Good looking chairs dude!

    DIY PETE - August 31, 2016

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DTCigarFather - August 31, 2016

Excellent …just the DIY project I’ve been looking for .. Thanks!!!

    DIY PETE - August 31, 2016

    Thanks, and have fun building!

Nathan Semiao - September 1, 2016

These look great across from my double chair bench!

Eduardo REIS DE JESUS - September 1, 2016

Parabéns amigo Pete , ficou excelente o seu trabalho , muito lega ficou ótimo , eu aproveitei e me inscreve no seu canal OK

David Handley - September 2, 2016

Nice project Pirate Pete. Hi five from Australia.

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moises saldivar - June 10, 2017

Hey Pete this a great chair looking forward to building one soon. Glad you have the plans available.

    DIY PETE - June 12, 2017

    Have fun with the build!

J man - September 27, 2017

Thank you Sir, I m gonna make one like this. Good design and great presentation!

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New woodworker here but I will definitely make these—thank you for the upload!

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Ian Parker - June 6, 2019

I made mine using hockey sticks for the back, seat and arm rests. Looks great thanks to this guide

Jessica Morgan - July 3, 2019

Is the bottom of the seat level or at a slight angle so you sit back into the chair ?

Don McGruder - July 10, 2019

Nice solid chair. Do you have plans for a folding lawn chair?

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