How to Build A Walnut Dining Table (BYOT #23)

Hey guys, Springer video on tools, a k a BYOT. Thanks for joining me. And today I’m pretty sick and tired of my dining room table and when I build a new one. So if you want to learn to change would from this to this. Keep on watching. Let’s start at a, I love the smell us in the morning. And like any good woodworking project, it starts at the lumber yard and we are purchasing black American walnut six quarter s three s. And as you can see, it’s quite expensive, but you know what? It looks fabulous and beautiful and that’s why we’re using it. Now s three s stands for surface three sites. That means we get three finished edges, but we have one rough edge to cut. So let’s measure now. Slight issue you’re gonna have to deal with with purchasing s three s is that it comes in different sizes.

So you can go from four and a half inches to four and seven eight two five inches. And that tends to make things difficult. But that’s where your tables talk from the play. They are me taking your fitness measurement of each stick of wood and then measuring it to to the blade itself. I actually purchased a feather board for the table saw because of the fact that this will actually allow you to have a third hand push the wood towards the blade or towards the sides so it pins it up against and makes a nice clean, smooth edge guaranteed. A, you just want to make sure you have a little pressure on the end of the board so you know that you’re cutting the wood perfectly straight in. Trust me, you’re going to want straight wood for this project. Once a gentleman, we’re cutting your first piece, you will proceed to your second piece doing the same exact steps, measuring it out and readjusting your table saw along with your federal board.

Now in all reality, I found federal board extremely helpful in this project. It’s always nice to have third hand and it allows you to have perfect pressure on the side of the board while pushing it through. Just make sure you don’t have too much pressure because it’ll tend to jam up on you and you do. So. On a side note, I purchase a ultra fine 80 tooth blade, which allow me to cut extremely clean lines. Just FYI, once you have all your boards cut, you come to the fun part where you’re actually trying to figure out how the overall arrangement is going to be on a table and the overall look of the table itself in the end. Now always put a layer as cleaned down first before I put my pipe climbs down, just so I don’t get glue everywhere. And once you have a boards up, now here’s your material check.

Yeah, I get pipe clamps. The pipe itself is four feet long. The week of the table’s gonna be three feet, some hand clamps. You’re gonna have to make sure you have plenty of these. And then some Woodside side blocking. I’m using wood Forney had lying around. But if you don’t have that, you can always use some type of wood that you have lying around and just cut it to size. I also have some wood bracing and I’ll be applying and I actually covered it with tape because wood glue tends a sick to most of wood products. Yeah, good idea there. You’re first going to have all your boards up on edge, so it’s gonna be easier to apply. The culew itself I’m using roller with type on too and type on doing is a great wood glue and in all reality you can get to a number of different types of Woodburn, but this one’s the one that I prefer.

Just make sure you apply glue to both sides. You don’t have to overdue on the glue, but making sure that both sides are fully covered with glue is key for this step that you’re really taking your woodblocks and applying that between the wood table and the clamp itself. This will give you a nice even pressure and will not damage the sides of the boards. You then take your wood bracing along with your would hand clamps and tighten it down. Now just because the wood looks flat and straight doesn’t mean that it is five straight so you might see little variances when you’re putting all this wood together, which is why you have this bracing there to have a nice flat surface in the end. Well you really want to see when tightening these clamps is seen in the wood glue. Actually pour out of the scenes.

That way you know you have a good overall connection and just make sure you have plenty of clamps because I needed every single one of these and this is just half the table. Allow the glue to fully dry and then go ahead and start removing the clamps and move onto the next section. You don’t have to wait four hours, but I did because I wanted to make sure it was fully dried as I’m laying out the second section, I actually noticed that one of the boards had some character on top. Well you know what? Go ahead and keep that because it’s just going to add more characters to your table overall and that’s what I want. I want my table to have character that just be some boring old table. Right? I’m all right. Yeah, I’m right now wants the second section of your tables fully dried.

Go in and remove the claims and proceed to actually installing both sections of the table together. Oh yeah. Again, same process would glue clamped together. Bang, Bang, boom. You’re done. Who Says Bing Bang, boom. Anymore the how was that? I don’t know. In any case, just make sure you’re doing your due diligence with this clamping me because it saves you in the long run and an up the invitation. Long run is cleanup or glue. Make sure you clean up before dries because that will save you a lot of headache and look at that. We have some of it actually resembles a table. Yeah. Next step cause we should go saw and measured from your blade to the end of the guard plate. Then go ahead and transfer that measurement to the wood end of the table itself. Mark Blind was speed square. And then go ahead and take some type of level or other flat straight device, clamp it to the table, and then run your skilsaw cross.

Now we have to do this stuff because the fact that this all this s three s material comes in all different sizes. So you need to make sure I cut to the same length. So you have one fluid table. Yeah. Now once you start inspecting the table, you’re gonna find that there’s going to be some type of bridge. You want them all to be nice, flat, perfect, just like this. But that’s almost impossible. So here comes the hand planner. Now this tool has been around forever and it’s the first time I’m using it. So just FYI, there’s a little blade on the bottom side of the actual tool and there’s a judgment in the mid section and the top. This will allow you to level out certain areas that you have high. You don’t want the bottom your blade to be protruding up too far at the beginning because you want a nice smooth start and you never want to gouge.

You would go ahead and use the adjustment on the mid section. Once you know that the blade is not catching properly and then go across the same area, see if the actual blade starts catching. If it does great and continue. If not, then go ahead and proceed and adjust the blade even more until it does start catching. If you do have a larger woodshop in your area, they will most likely have a large planer that they could probably just plain this down before you and say BYOT whole lot of headache and time, so just be aware of that. And in the end, if you’re doing this correctly, you should have a whole lot of wood shavings that look like this. Oh yes, that was good. Next, go ahead and vacuum up the remaining part will, you can actually back it vacuum up in the first place and then proceed to sanding.

Oh yeah. I’ll say it as on my favorite portion of our project, but it is quite necessary and you want to make sure you do your due diligence on this part because you want to make sure it’s nice and smooth, smooth as baby, but because I want this thing feeling and looking good, at a certain point, you may come across some sections like this. Oh yeah. And all you do is put a little bit of glue on there, make sure it’s spread out thoroughly, and then instead of taking a clamp, I actually just take a piece of tape and tape it on there. That way it allows it to give it enough pressure to dry properly and easy to peel off and move on to the next question, your project. Oh yeah. Now as you’re standing, just make sure that you are not deep into the grooves and corners just to make sure it’s nice and smooth.

You want to have a nice flat sander as you’re going over this entire area. Otherwise the end product won’t be as flat as you would like it. So just be aware. And once you have the majority, you’re sending down your one on one round over the edges. I’m going to be using that router and an eighth inch round over bit. This will round over. The edge is perfectly in this provides a very professional look overall. You can easily just send this off, but it doesn’t leave quite as a professional look. If you do just sand it. A router bed does make this work a lot easier. And also note that, I know I didn’t get discuss all of the tools I use in this project at the beginning, but I will make a list down below in the description section and after all that hard work of gluing clamping and all that fun stuff, I still gap pitch.

Yep. Go ahead and just take your vacuum and come back and over those areas and tape off set area on both sides and then go ahead and grab your wood filler. I’m going to use a wonderful by Rutger, which is a great product, but just make sure that you’re getting the pipe actually matches the wood. Nothing’s gonna match perfectly, but you can get close. I play it by hand and first and just remember that this stuff goes a long way so you don’t need much. I then take my rubber putty knife or whatever the hell you call this and go ahead and press it into the groove as much as possible and to just try and fill up that space. I then remove the tape and then wait for it to dry. After it dries I go and just take my sander and off the excess, which is extremely easy and quick.

Perfect. Now you can still see it, but once I actually apply some mineral spirits, it disappears and looks beautiful. So just be aware of that and also know that mineral spirits brings out the beauty in the wood and that is quite beautiful. So I’m excited. The next go ahead and grab a spray bottle with water and sprayed onto the wood itself and it’s actually called a raised in the green. And to actually erase the fibers off the wood itself once it dries. And you don’t have to spray a ton of water on this because it really don’t. You just want to make sure you have a dam so you actually see a color variance. Then once it dries, you go into your sander. Insane it with two 20 grit sandpaper until it’s like a big stick of butter. Oh yeah. Then once you got done, go ahead and vacuum up all the leftover particles, making sure you get all the crevices, even the holes.

Yep. The naturals. Next you’re going to take your cheesecloth was actually just a very sticky cloth that you can buy at any home depot and then run it across the wood. Just making up all the little tidbits of sand and dust that is left over. As you see there is still plenty. Then was you taking up all the Pericles you can possibly grab with the cheese funds. You then take your mineral spirits and a clean rag and actually start by wiping it off. Now you will be surprised how much extra sand, so you’ll be picking up, so you’re welcome. For this project, I will be using arms seals, oil in your thing, top coat, sat and finish. I will actually be pouring this into a mason jar first because I don’t want to intimidate the rest of the jar if I’m not using the entire thing on this project, I’m using a foam brush to apply the finish.

This allows me to soak up the finish perfectly and have nice fluid strokes all the way across and in all reality, this is one of the best portions of this product because it really makes the green pop. Once you apply that finish and shows you all the hard work that you did, pays off and remember the holes because the holes need to finish two usually do I plant a lot of finish to this wood, especially as the back of this in the first coat, it will soak it up so after five minutes I will take clean rag and actually wipe off the excess of finish because you don’t want this much finished trying to soak in at one at one time because it might damage the wood overall. So making sure that you wipe off the excess is very important and especially don’t wait too long because it will harden on you.

Trust me. I had difficulties after 24 hours. It was ready to sand. Now it’s the buffing pad internally. Actually pick up all the small particles that were left behind after the dried. Now with the drying process, it tends to still raise the grain slightly, so you still want to try knock down those little knit beds and particles that are leftover. They want to make sure you get nice fluid strokes with the grain, not against the grain and continuously go over the entire area until it becomes slightly easy. If it doesn’t get an hazy, then you might not be doing it enough. And the Nice thing about this prior to the project is that it goes quick and thanking us for that because nothing else went quick on this project. Next, go ahead and actually take a bit of mineral spirits and another clean rag and wipe off the remaining desks that is left over from the sanding buffing pad.

Yeah, you don’t want to use a ton of mineral spirits at this point, but you want to make sure you get up all the loose debris that you just buffed out because you want to make sure that that doesn’t then correlate it and go back into the finish. When you apply your second coat, a player’s second coat the exact way you hide your first using nice clean, even strokes all the way across, man on man that finished does look good. And by the way that finish it is an oil and your thing, a mixture because of the fact that it will give you the overall beauty of an oil, but the overall protection of a year thing. So you get the best of both worlds. Proceed with letting her rest for approximately five minutes, then come back and with a clean rag or wipe up the excess. This is an important step, so please remember to do so.

And once the finish is dried, after 24 hours you come back and use your super fine buffing pad to buff out all the remaining small little marks. There is not much at this point in our outer. You might think you don’t need to do this step and already you probably don’t, but I want this table to be absolutely perfect, so I’m doing so get used to it again. Once you’re done buffing, go ahead and take a clean rag with some mineral spirits and wipe off the excess deaths. Once dry, you’re gonna take a clean of well folded rag and actually wipe on your final coat of finish. We’re wiping on this way because the fact that this is going to be your final coat and we’re not going to go back and actually try and wipe off the excess. This will just allow you to revamp the finish after you buffed it, but you won’t have to go back and then proceed to actually having to buffet again because this thing is going to be as smooth as a baby’s butt.

I said that a number of times on this video and I’m kind of weird, right? Anyways, moving on. And in the end, all that hard work truly pays off because you have one beautiful, sexy beast at the dining room table. Oh Yeah, look at that character. Come on, who would want? And there you have episode number 23 of UAT, 80 done. Good to go. That was pretty large project just for a table, but you know it, it looks flipping beautiful. Anna cannot wait to put table legs on the table in the next week and buy 10 or 24 so stay tuned for that. Please like to do, please subscribe this channel and please Amelia may do on the next video. I might do it in case save missed time and pitch the next time I do. I’m an x video. Am I do it in case you? Next time? Really, really.

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