How to Build Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Update your crappy kitchen cabinets by giving them a face lift. Step by step process on how to build new hardwood panel doors for your kitchen cabinets.

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Tool Dude Tony - March 3, 2013

No screws. Just glue. Thanks

Soudage ProWeld - March 17, 2013

tooldude, where did you get those kick back guards for the saw, or did they come with the saw?

Tool Dude Tony - March 17, 2013

@Craig — Those “kickback guards” are called featherboards. They are more than for just kickback, when positioned correctly, they hold the wood tightly against the rip fence or saw table. I got these at Menards, but I think you can get them at most of the big box hardware stores. Thanks for asking.

ChicharonyPresidente - April 14, 2013

Great video. Thanks for posting. Best video I have seen on how to make doors. Thanks.

Jerry Sparks - April 20, 2013

Not paying attion with ANY power tool will have a big cost to you

lapisredux - May 2, 2013

a bandsaw and router table would do it with less chance of losing a bodypart.

ursable1 - May 19, 2013

one bit of advice. i have made many doors using this same technique. however if you don’t plane your stock down to the same thickness the joints wont fit properly. the stock thickness affects the width of the groove and the thickness of the tenons

Candice Cunningham - May 26, 2013

I love the title!!!

Chad Vestal - June 15, 2013

great video, very informative and educational…FYI it’s stile

dnprater66 - June 16, 2013

Thanks Tony, you’ve put together another fine how-to for the masses.
By the way, Coach Devaney was a close friend of mine in his later years.

Russell Booth - June 24, 2013

You give mention to shop safety then proceed to use the table saw WITHOUT the guard! I know there are some cuts that need it removed so only taking it off for these occasions concentrates the mind to be careful. Having it permanently removed leads to complacency and lost digits!

Jose Larramendi - July 11, 2013


Tool Dude Tony - July 11, 2013

¡muchas gracias

Tool Dude Tony - July 11, 2013

It’s a Bosch portable table saw. Thanks

German Antonio Garces - July 12, 2013

Good job, my friend. Buen trabajo mi amigo.

Tracey W - July 30, 2013

Wow. I thought my 1978 cabinet doors were hideous but I think you might have me beat. I don’t know, it’s a close call…

Hernan robles - August 13, 2013

very good

Julian Venter - August 20, 2013

great upload.

Eric McKnight - August 27, 2013

feather boards past the saw blade. Bad idea, asking for kick back

Idowu Oyewole - October 26, 2013

Found your process of building a cabinet door simplistic enough for me to cope with what i’m doing at the moment. The blade used in producing the tenon, where can that be found? Word of caution – I have very little knowledge of carpentry, but willing to learn.


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