How to Build Rolling Shop Cabinets For Storage

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The first rolling cabinet I made using pocket holes and screws. The second I made using Festool's Domino machine. I preferred the domino machine as I was able to remove the time it took me to insert trim and sand the pocket hole dowels. However, as a beginner new to this style of woodworking I can easily recommend pocket holes as the hardware is cheaper and it is a little more straight forward. Either way this wood shop storage option is great for people in small wood shops trying to maximize their space and organize their woodworking tools.

Since both cabinets are moveable it also allows me to create a barrier between my workspace and the rest of the communal spaces in the shop, a problem that may be uniquely my own. The fact these cabinets are moveable opens a lot of opportunity for reorganizing your wood shop depending on what project you are currently working on. Adaptability can speed your workflow.

If you would like to learn how to make these rolling shop cabinets everything you need to know is contained in this video. It is a complete how to guide. If you have any additional questions you can reach out by emailing me at the address on my about page