How to core aerate ~ Fall lawn renovation

In this vid you will learn how to core a lawn with a Toro stand on aerator. We give you our prices for aeration fertilizer and seed so you can get a general start on what you should charge for these services, We appreciate y’all! You Rock!
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This is one of our first videos! How and why we started our lawn care business.

What we use for Moles!

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Christopher Hubbard - September 4, 2019

Loads of useful information, just wish we could use those lovely fun machines over here in Europe but sadly we are stuck with push mowing and grass collecting, no mulching 🙁

Wayne Essar - September 4, 2019

Golf courses have gotten away from core aeration and solid tine now in my area.
I solid tine almost all the time on my Billy Goat now because we work in an area with a herbicide ban and core aeration brings up way to many weed seeds.
I guess it makes sense to you because you weed spray.

    Happy's Family - September 4, 2019

    Wayne Essar Yeah we core aerate that’s what they taught us in turf management class. They said using solid only compacts the soil more but everywhere is different. Thanks for watching!

Brian Dewees - September 4, 2019

Do you have a calculated percentage of profit that you bring in for each service?

Steve Carr - September 4, 2019

What an awesome video!
You don’t know how much this means to us new guys, that don’t have the first clue about all this stuff, especially pricing.

Kylie Munday - September 4, 2019

Awesome job on this info video. Very much appreciated for your effort.

Four Toes Premium Lawn Care - September 4, 2019

Great information. Do you do any weed control? pest control?

Conor James Gay - September 4, 2019

So if I’m reading this correct you change 200$ to aerate and seed a 5k Lawn?

    Happy's Family - September 4, 2019

    Conor James Gay Yes if you add fertilizer it’s 257 seed cost us 90 fert cost is 23. Thanks for watching! That’s if they live within 10 miles of me if further I add 15$ for gas and time.

Grant Killey - September 4, 2019

Those prices are close to what my mow-n-go guy charges. Plus $50 for gutter cleaning (~200 linear feet).

    Happy's Family - September 5, 2019

    Grant Killey Thanks! Thanks for watching!

Ken Long - September 4, 2019

Car,l great aeration, seed and fertilization video. I’ll ask my lawn service about the cross core aeration. Thanks.

    Happy's Family - September 5, 2019

    Ken Long Thanks! Thanks for watching!

John French - September 5, 2019

Great video Carl! Very informative for anyone new to aeration and seeding. Can’t wait to see you guys at GIE!!

aos aos - September 8, 2019

I’m charging 150 small lawns 350$ huge ones ur pricing is about perfect I include mow for free tho and if it doesn’t work I spot seed and offer touch ups for free include d.. great video

aos aos - September 8, 2019

I using commercial tow unit so the mowing is to make my job easier and helps for scheduling purposes

Yvonne Akerman - September 8, 2019

Just wondering, do you ever thatch (scarify as we say in the UK) first before you aerate?

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