How to Install Drawer Slides in Cabinets — WOOD magazine

Limiting yourself to building cabinets or furniture without drawers is like driving a car without a steering wheel–in both cases, you won't get too far. Don't be intimidated by today's drawer-slide hardware. Using a quick jig and a repeatable step-by-step process, WOOD Magazine's Jeff Mertz shows a super simple method that makes mounting drawers easy.

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barbara kvistad - May 22, 2016

Excellent. Thank you.

Penny Royal - July 25, 2016

Very well demonstrated and explained. Thanks.

Juan Martinez - July 31, 2016

nice video….but what if the drawer fronts are outside the case, also if the bottom drawer and box are double size bigger than the other two?….tyvm!!!

Antonio Valdenei Correa da Silva - October 17, 2016

Excellent class, thanks for sharing. Direct from Brazil.

MJ Remy - October 28, 2016

Very clear and useful video. My cabinet looks exactly like yours, so I was chuckling. Could not be a more perfect example, since even the drawers, slides are identical. Many thanks for this very apropos video!!!

digital JMC - December 20, 2016

love you guys at Wood Magazine… this has been very helpful!!

Nature King - February 17, 2017

By far the best for me thanks again for this share

Raymond Martens - March 5, 2017

once you determine how many drawers you want and the sizes how do you know how big to build your box?

Khitam Sara - March 19, 2017

please . I can’t open my drawers easily there is no right space . what ‘s ur advice or way to do sth

Andrew - June 10, 2017

Should of made a spacer to centre line all the draw runners.
Same for the inside of the unit.

JERALD TEXEIRA - September 22, 2017

Good demo, your tips were very important those who are DIY type of persons. I was about to do this, now I will do with care. Thanks a lot.

dedalliance1 - March 3, 2018

You know the video’s old when he whips out that 14.4 Volt Dewalt, lol.

    FrameRite Airdrie - January 9, 2019

    I noticed that too, so immediately checked the date. Was surprised to see it’s only 2016!

Talal Albahra - March 7, 2018

Perfect, thanks a lot

Ross Becker - April 11, 2018

Holy hell. THANK YOU for this. I’ve been scratching my head about setting up drawer rail layout for a good while now, and this makes it absolutely simple to get it dead on.

Ricky Spanish - June 24, 2018

Frameless construction, should be noted. If your cabinet has face frames, it is totally different

Daddy Tube - February 26, 2019

Put the rails on before box assembly

T Smith - April 19, 2019

100% right with almost 0% fuss! Well played.

Hdh Hdhdj - April 22, 2019

Many thanks for this very apropos video!!

Flavio Fonseca - May 12, 2019

Perfect teacher!! I liked very much. Thanks.

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