I Built My Own Furniture in Japan

Moved into a new house… Needed some furniture. Hit the hardware store and got to work. This is what its like to build your own furniture in Tokyo. A little taste of DIY in Japan.

In this particular episode, I build my own shelf for my studio in Tokyo.
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Tokyo Lens - September 10, 2019

I really enjoyed making this video~ I hope you guys enjoy it as well.
What is the last project you worked on? I would love to hear about it in the comments!! Tell me all about it!

    Dika Do Things - September 10, 2019

    The last one, i guess my laat project would be my bedside edc charging cradle.

    DerelicteTV - September 10, 2019

    a tv stand/media desk for my brother. It needed to be long enough to hold his 55″ tv without it being obstructed when he was on his computer. We couldnt really find anything, so instead we just made it ourselves. Nowhere near as nice as your shelves though, but it works and is structurally sound.

    Hatagashira - September 11, 2019

    Just put some of those same angle pieces as you used for legs underneath the wood! Nobody will notice (if you put them a bit behind the center) since they’re black.

    Kai Sovereign - September 16, 2019

    I think I could use your help on this one? I was going to make shelves, but now i need an old weiner dog gate, & a wheel chair ramp? Living vicariously watching you! Awesome! I love your design, simple, direct, elegant that way! Have you ever looked at Clei Italian furniture creations? They were at NY Museum for apartment sized living expo. Its on YT. I like the couch/bed and the kitchen/ combos. Someone took it to a more wall moving level in Spain. I’ve not been away. I couldn’t communicate because my laptop & phone had a virus, my car engine blew up, & my wheelchair lost a wheel! I enjoy your posts , podcasts & miss ya! I cant like you on the smart tv? So, we’re still hoping you with Ki & Ki will perform shamisen in Hawaii? I’m still looking for good paying venue. Ttyl? Just me, Kai in Hilo, Hawaii

    Ash-Heave_Sword 2 - September 17, 2019

    im in high school! I want to go live in japan and learn the language and past and future so badly! After im done with high school I want to go there! I want to know how you got there? Did it cost much? Were you already there? I’m knew here lol!! How did you learn japanese? what are the goods and bads in japan!! I guess I do have a project my project is to go to japan and loss waite lol! I love your videos they have inspired me more and more to learn more about japan! I think this is what I want to do! Is it a good choice to go that way? Will it make me have to worry about money all the time and not have money to go visit and learn lol well that all what I have to say and ask by!

Starrylock - September 10, 2019

Well done, glad there was a way to DIY furniture you simply couldn’t find.
Bet that truck is at a premium for convince to get home your purchases.
Have a wonderful week.

    Tokyo Lens - September 10, 2019

    Thanks eh~
    Sometimes it’s just easier to make it yourself lol
    Hope your week is great!

Dysautonomic Ang - September 10, 2019

I love doing wood projects like that, but I’m not a fan of wax stain, too messy. lol The most recent projects have been photo transfers onto wood and then staining them. I’ve done quite a few and they were a hit with my mom, sister, & sister in law.
The shelving unit looks nice, you did a great job on it. πŸ™‚ It’s really convenient that the store has a truck to rent to take your items home. That’s such a great idea.
To help with the echo you can put an area rug down as well, even if it’s a thin rug so you can still move your chair across it. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing this with us! πŸ™‚

MeiTheMediator - September 10, 2019

Loved it ~

My last project was like 2 years ago. I rescued this old heavy table, removed all the old paint from it (it had carved decorations too so took long time), sanded it couple times (yes took a long long time) , and then repainted it. The paint didn’t end up super neat because I was working on it at shared space and people weren’t careful around it while drying. I should probably give it one more light sanding and another thin layer of paint now that I could do it at home (no dog hair flying).

RAJDIP - September 10, 2019

Great Videography as always, paused several times to understand Camera positions,
Nice Desk btw,

    Tokyo Lens - September 13, 2019

    haha thanks
    really glad that you enjoyed it that much!

Curly3373 - September 10, 2019

Do you own a workbench ? Or did you rent or borrow it ?

    Tokyo Lens - September 10, 2019

    Haha 100% I own it~
    It comes in handy more often than you would expect lol

Jasmine Mack - September 10, 2019

This was so impressive, you made it look so easy.
We have to build some deck rails this weekend, I hope it goes as well

    Tokyo Lens - September 13, 2019

    Let me know how it plays out!!

Rabbit On the Moon - September 10, 2019

Gonna be honesty with you, the thought of homeware stores existing in Tokyo never crossed my mind until I saw this. The shelf looks amazing btw!

    Tokyo Lens - September 13, 2019

    They are definitely few and far between, but they exist!!
    Thank you so much~

F. A. R. - September 10, 2019

That was really fun to watch, thank you. πŸ˜€

    Tokyo Lens - September 11, 2019

    Honestly it was probably more fun to make lol
    Making both the shelf and the vid was an absolute blast!

coconutpanda - September 10, 2019

Good job! Bonus points for the Miffy mug 11:29

    Tokyo Lens - September 11, 2019

    Hehe glad you caught that
    Love that little mug!

Ray Marceaux - September 10, 2019

thanks for the vid! def feels good making something with your own hands, the last dyi project I made from scratch was a chicken pen!

Fotodeviant - September 10, 2019

Cool shelf, it looks great!
This video made me realize that I haven’t seen any videos inside a Japanese hardware store before.

Iku Tree - September 10, 2019

Such a cool video. I’m so bad at planning my shots ahead when I’m working on something. You totally nailed it! πŸ™‚
edit: whoops no pun intended x)

    Tokyo Lens - September 13, 2019

    Ikuuuu!! lol youre very punny!

    Its definitely not something thats possible with Every vid
    but every now and then I just happen to have a bit of an image in my head lol

Bella Ramsden - September 11, 2019

You did well considering the lack of space! I know all about how messy staining etc can be – my partner has a slab furniture company. P.s. I love your desk. It is very similar to the stuff we make here in Australia!

J. I. Bennett - September 11, 2019

Didn’t know that you also do DIY projects. Shelf looks great. I really like your simple industrial design.

thatdesiree - September 11, 2019

This is impressive, Norm! It turned out really well πŸ™‚

    Tokyo Lens - September 11, 2019

    Thanks eh!!
    It was a ton of fun to make!!

kkapa11 - September 12, 2019

Damn, I’m surprised how good this looks. You are pretty freaking good at building stuff.

    Tokyo Lens - September 13, 2019

    Admittedly it was a super super simple project~!
    But thank you so much~

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