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Kreg Jig Router plate Table saw splitter kit.

Abbreviated Reviews - April 23, 2019

Maybe it’s bowed outward to bend flat when the weight of the router is added.

Rene Gade - April 23, 2019

I e-mail PM: “Tenant wants new kitchen cabinet doors added to the Work Order you sent me. Approved?”
PM writes back: “Approved. If they are easy.”
Uhhh… okay…

Doctor Wigglespank - April 23, 2019

Kreg might have sponsored you if you’d used your Kreg jig to assemble the jig for your pocket hole jig.

Herb M - April 23, 2019

I love making cabinets! The Kreg jig is worth every penny, but I’m glad you got the vacuum attachment, it seems to work a lot easier with it on. Keep them coming!

David Rush - April 23, 2019

epoxy the holes and redo or jb weld. put you a strip of wood on the front edge hanging down it will stop jig from moving with out havein to clamp then you can hang it on wall with a strip of wood on wall

    The Handyman - April 23, 2019

    That’s a good idea.

Vega Motor Werkz - April 23, 2019

You may be able to jbweld the messed up holes, then re-drill them

Jason King - April 23, 2019

Shop upgrade – raise those filtration fans so you aren’t maneuvering around them when you use the table saw.

Ed Over50 - April 23, 2019

The Kreg jig update is a brilliant and simple upgrade, thank you. I like using 2’ triangular plywood cut outs as cabinet clamps ( center is cut out so clamps can grab) Easy to build and clamp large panels together when screwing and gluing. Keeps them square which can be a challenge during assembly sometimes.

Ohio Outdoors - April 23, 2019

i used the same inserts on my router table. its easier to adjust if you run the screws from the bottom up and add a nut.

Bill Procter - April 23, 2019

No way! A Ryobi router and no $1000 lift. You restored my faith in humanity. Really enjoy your videos.

    Mike Cuntala - April 23, 2019

    Bill Procter as do I! Whatever tool is reliable, and gets you the fastest return on investment is the way I go.

WJ the Home Builder - April 23, 2019

I see you’re liking the RAY-NEAR beer again!

HAMRADIOJOE - April 23, 2019


djm93 - April 24, 2019

full send bro informative video

My DIY Adventures - April 24, 2019

Nice use of space in your shop, I’ve got a 22×34 garage and I can’t keep it that well organized!

Marshall Moses - April 24, 2019

Glad to see you’re getting your vitamin R(ainier).

Max BetaMax Poindexter - April 24, 2019

I got triggered when you didnt attach the side walls for the pocket hole jig with pocket holes!! haha good stuff man

The Great Jelly Doughnut - April 25, 2019

you want to give those holes on the table saw plate a second go plug them with an oak dowel and re drill when the glue is dry. like the upgrades

Most Likely We Do It Services - April 25, 2019

What about plastic weld the back holes. file smooth and redrill the holes. Or try epoxy.

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