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Hi everybody. I’m Joey. Today on this video we’ll be making this a awesome outdoor lounge suite. So stick around and see her. Did it.


Okay. So we are using, Iroko, it’s African Hardwood, very similar to teak. Uh, it’s very waxy, just like teak. It’s cheaper. So I managed to get these really large pieces, uh, two 40 by 65 and it’s a really good size to rip everything out. Okay. Now something to be very aware of when you use Iroko is that it’s gonna be all around on you when you rip it. That’s not a huge tension and you can see on this roofing, I managed to get it on camera that the boards that’s pinching on itself. So much so that the board cracks and bet happens pretty frequently using aerocare, especially with long ropings. You can get easily a 20 mil bow out of your previously striped timber. So that is something to bear in mind always by over size

and seniors. I have a nice new sliding table court. I thought I’d put it to use and tap all my Keenan shoulders. And, and a lot of the waste out of the tenants. I have ordered a data blade for the sole but still has to come from Italy. I think that not quite yet would have been really nice for this job.


So this joinery is making up the end frame of the sofa. I’m sorry. Here I’m going to start. The mortars have decided to use a 25 all the bit because that’s actually way quicker to do it this way. Then to set up my little mortar surf for the size Morris, um, and cutting through the white sea timber is uh, can be a bit sticky and clog up things like, um, mortises. So it’s actually just really quick to, to work with this timber as well.


So I needed to make, uh, some tweaky mill sleds. So luckily this timber being 65, Milt means I can get three 20 mill slits and then I could make a corresponding groove and one of the side frames for those.

And then round I’ve all the corners of the slats before they gluten. Right. So I’m using epoxy. These are outs, outdoor surfers. Um, I want lots of squeeze out here because I want the joint to be as waterproof as possible. Um, you will notice perhaps there that this group doesn’t go all the way to the bottom where I’m putting the sleds in so the water has some way to run out and not directly down into the joint. Um, that’s my small uh, way of dealing with the weather in some way at least. So once the glue is dry, I can space the sleds to the right spacing and I’m just putting one stainless steel screws in place to hold them in place. They are very small here. It’s like a three mil hit on these screws from worth, but I’m sure you can get them in such places.

And now to cut the ledge back round locally, this Tinder stayed very straight, so that was good. And one of those long rails I need to add a rebate net would take the sleds that hold the a upholstery and then more tenants on a sliding table. This is where this tool really comes in handy because I can hold this 2.6 meter beam on the table and um, if, uh, if it lets the, uh, do the cutting front theme of the Sofa is a piece of 200 by 50. So I’m just straightening, we met up on the slide table and even though I’m only ripping 50 mil off this board, that’s pinching so badly that I really have to put all my weight into the um, and even kind of slowed down the a three phase. So there’s some real pressure and some of these pieces.


Working with the Sofa on its end seem to be the easiest way to deal with these large timbers. I needed to add a center rail,

making the top and bottom rail of the sofa at the back. I’m just using a domino. I’ve got a few Sapelo dominoes sitting around somewhere.

Then I can add the, okay.  yes. Okay.

So the bottom of this vertical rail ended up being in a kind of crappy spot for doing real joinery. So just relying on a few screws, Dan. And while that’s a all clamped up, I can get the Beck slats in the right position and put screws. And then as well and onto the front 200 by 50, I could add a clique that will take this slats and then a few heavy coats of teak oil. Um, it’s a bit smelly, but this stuff is pretty good. I kept going back over the tops of the posts to really let the oil soak into, into the ingrain there. Um, but it really brought out the golden color of this timber, which, which I’m sure won’t last for long once it’s been out now some. And with your post ridden in the nick of time, we were able to deliver the cit, uh, just a couple of days before Christmas, which is when they’re needed for Christmas lunch. Thanks for watching everybody. See you later.

Max Maker - December 21, 2017

Finally some nice looking outdoor furniture! Looks amazing!

    KingPost TimberWorks - December 21, 2017

    +Max Maker cheers

    shyam sharma - March 28, 2018

    Max Maker

Bekim Krasniqi - December 21, 2017

Absolutely beautiful. I wish you were closer so I can give you some orders.

    KingPost TimberWorks - December 22, 2017

    +Bekim Krasniqi ha cheers

CoolRaul - December 22, 2017

That is maybe $12- $15 thousand at my local room & board store near me in the US very nice work so envious

    Koe Ching - February 9, 2018

    CoolRaul 7

    Kendra Rodriguez - March 3, 2018

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Modustrial Maker - December 22, 2017

Enjoyed this one as usual. I always learn something. This time I learned that Iroko is probably best left to a real woodworker, like you 🙂 gorgeous results though!

    KingPost TimberWorks - December 22, 2017

    +Modustrial Maker ha yea it can be a bugger to work if you don’t leave enough to allow for bowing after ripping.

    Dhananjay pise - April 22, 2018

    Modustrial Maker stargoldstar

    KelMaster Construction - February 21, 2019

    Here in the USA , just one of those timbers would cost about $275.00. You would think there were gold flakes in it…

Michael Hofbauer - March 6, 2018

these look amazing! great proportion, joinery, and wood. totally going to copy this. maybe with some local redwood.

waffles toast - March 11, 2018

**Strong recommendation: put velcro on those cushions so they stay put.

I noticed when you spread your arms out, they wanted to fall down. Nobody likes shifting couch cushions!

    Ramona Hernandez - February 1, 2019


Adam Williams - June 15, 2018

“Christmas lunch” warm weather Christmas must be fun! haha Great work, seriously nice quality benches!!

    KingPost TimberWorks - June 15, 2018

    It’s great, tradition here is to have Christmas on the beach

Jorge Borjas - July 2, 2018

Completely simple and beautiful. Very good work.

Rayner Maker - September 6, 2018

Man I have never heard of iroko, seems like a difficult wood to work with! I think I’d struggle fitting all that milling gear into my shop (well, garage lol)

KATARI ——- - October 9, 2018

Gorgeous wood… Worth watching✔️™️

Fresh Impact Co. - December 28, 2018

When I think of gorgeous outdoor furniture this is exactly what I have in mind.

The quality and design is a testimony to this furniture.

Really what an excellent job and a beautiful outcome. I would have this as my outdoor furniture any day

jonas Moura - February 17, 2019

Incrível trabalho parabéns

Joseph Green - May 11, 2019

Amazing job ,well done!

Adnan Alqadi - June 23, 2019

Sergio Ramos left Real Madrid, and started his own job

Musk Mania - July 18, 2019

Awsomeeeeeee simple and beautiful

John Brough - July 20, 2019

Lovely and simple. Did the back rail not need central support as much less of a section than the front. I only ask as I would like to make one! Thank you

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