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Philippine House Building Step by Step, Build Day 151: Dirty Kitchen Cabinets Day 1

Philippine House Building Step by Step, Build Day 151: Dirty Kitchen Cabinets Day 1

Plaster coating the living room columns. Continued digging out the catch basins. Tinsmiths are working the roof. Starting the dirty kitchen cabinets layout.

Music: First Aid
Artist: Letter Box

Thanks for watching,
George & Emie

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Equipment used:
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Ulanzi Vlog cage for GoPro 5/6/7
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DJI Mavic 2 Pro with Smart Controller
2019 Apple MacBook Pro
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LowePro DroneGuard BP250

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Serge. Crispino - September 9, 2020

1st !!

    Serge. Crispino - September 9, 2020

    @Casa TexPina – Good morning George, greetings and best wishes today from Australia.

loisemir29 - September 9, 2020

What’s the plant beside posonegro?

    loisemir29 - September 9, 2020

    @Casa TexPina chili leaves for tinolang manok. Yum.

Yves Merveille - September 9, 2020

How far from Manila are you sir. ?

    Casa TexPina - September 9, 2020

    Yves Merveille
    About an hour north once you hit the expressway. Google Mabalacat.

loisemir29 - September 9, 2020

It looks like the countertop for dirty kitchen is not deep enough for the dish washer.

Yves Merveille - September 9, 2020

Are the other islands of the country as developed as the one where your place is located?

    Casa TexPina - September 10, 2020

    No not all. The area around Angeles City is highly urbanized due to having the US military base near here for almost 100 years.

Serge. Crispino - September 9, 2020

Good to see you rethought the storm water pit in the garage – not ideal to ever put clean outs inside – you may want to get the roofers to consider lining the back plane of the hidden gutter in sheet metal of the same colour as the roof as the mill finish can be seen from the road – walk back across the road and take a look and see what you think.

    Casa TexPina - September 9, 2020

    The gutter was specifically chosen to be stainless for ease of maintenance and durability.
    Will ask about painting the debris screen that will go over the top to match the roof. That might work.

Charles Hill - September 9, 2020

Still there is continued progress, slow but sure.

Charles Hill - September 9, 2020

Hope that the roof will be finished before long.

    Casa TexPina - September 9, 2020

    We do too.

Michael Davis - September 9, 2020

Can you tell me what the door is off the media room is that an access to a storage area ? How many ac units do you think you will require ?

Rowena Lee Grindley - September 9, 2020

Do you know where to get dishwasher tabs here?

    Rowena Lee Grindley - September 10, 2020

    Casa TexPina not even in lazada or shopee. I found once in Landers (kirkland brand) but after 1 jug, that’s it! Good for you, you can have it send to you from the US

    Casa TexPina - September 10, 2020

    Rowena Lee Grindley Balikbayan boxes and My Shipping Cart are good alternatives.

    Rowena Lee Grindley - September 12, 2020

    Casa TexPina yup! I have been everywhere, Lazada price is so ridiculous! A small bottle of Finish cost me 1k

    Casa TexPina - September 12, 2020

    We’re planning on adding it to a balikbayan box when we make a trip back to the States.

    Rowena Lee Grindley - September 13, 2020

    Casa TexPina add another box for me, I’ll buy it from you, thanks

4368oslet - September 9, 2020

dirty kitchen i thinks very small sir, make ite wider as the lights will come in and smoke smell of dried fish or tuyo and tinapa smell easily goes out hehehhe.thanks

Rick Sanchez - September 9, 2020

Steady progress, the finishes always take longer than anticipated.

    Casa TexPina - September 9, 2020

    That’s what the engineer tells us as well.

Mike Gilat - September 10, 2020


    Casa TexPina - September 10, 2020

    See reply to Yves on this video.

Aussie Bicolana Lifestyle - September 10, 2020

Wow! Tks for sharing

Jay's Journey - September 10, 2020

Great video like always

The Veteran and Pinay Life - September 10, 2020

Nice information and always a super video… The roof looks fantastic, and more the reason why I am going to follow suit…

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