Scotts Turf Builder Broadcast Spreader

Scotts Turf Builder Broadcast Spreader Review

There’s one thing you definitely don’t want to do when it comes to lawn care. You don’t want to apply guesswork when you’re fertilizing or adding grass seed. Because if you do that, you’ll end up with a lot of grass in one area, and thinner spots in others.

With fertilizer you can accidentally apply too much to one area and burn your lawn. Then you’ll have to spend money and time to repair this damage. But if you use Scotts Turf Broadcast Spreader, you can remove the guesswork, avoid the problems and be able to have a beautiful lawn.

Because this is a broadcast spreader, it means that it will follow a 180 degree arc when spreading material. It won’t specifically target one area. This product is designed to be used during whatever season that you need it for.

So you can treat your lawn in the warmth of the summer or the cool of the fall. You can also use in the spring if you desire. One of the problems that some people run into is when they want to spread fertilizer or grass seed, they have a hard time covering large surfaces of lawn.

That has to do with the size of the hopper. That won’t be a problem with this product because of the large capacity. It’s designed to handle as much as 15,000 sq. ft. of whatever material you want to use.

What’s great about this spreader is that you don’t even have to guess how you’re going to calibrate it for use, it comes with that already determined. That means you end up with better spreading ability for your material.

Even coverage is imperative when you’re working on the lawn. If not, you end up creating a desirable lawn for pests. Or, you can make it comfortable for weeds to set up and get out of control.

You don’t want to risk that because it means more work and expense in the long run. By doing it right the first time with this spreader, you can avoid those issues. The reason that you get better coverage is because of a feature this spreader has.

It comes with a control panel that tells you step by step what to do. This allows you to set it according to what your lawn needs. You can also match the control panel with the guidance on the back of Scotts lawn care products.

This means you would adjust your spreader setting based on what it is that your lawn needs. This tool has an edge guard. You can turn it off if you’d like, but this feature helps to prevent you from accidentally wasting fertilizer or seed on your driveway, the sidewalks or areas where you don’t want the material to go. To apply it, you just walk in a straight line.

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