Secret Compartment Furniture

A few years ago, Jill Herro, president of Secret Compartment Furniture, took a concealed carry course. She'd never held a gun in her hands before that. She found it very empowering. Unfortunately, a few months after that, she lost her job.

At the time, she'd been looking for furniture in which she could hide her guns and other valuables, but couldn't find anything. So she started Secret Compartment Furniture. Her goal is to make beautiful handmade furniture that not only looks good but also hides your valuables or firearms “in plain sight.” None of the secret compartments are locked, thus providing you with quick, easy access to the contents…as long as you know where to look, and how to open it

She designs everything herself and has Amish craftsmen, who live near her in Holmes County, Ohio, build it.

Jill gave us a tour of her products at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Tony Holler - February 17, 2016

insanely pricey

    A True Wisconsinite - February 18, 2016

    +Thomas Jefferson All amish furniture is.

    dlwatib - May 13, 2016

    +Thomas Jefferson Cabinetmakers can’t even buy the solid wood and plywood for what you’d pay at Walmart for a crap piece of particle board furniture. If you go into a so-called fine furniture store like Ethan Allen you’ll find truly insane prices but it’ll still be crap construction.

    If you want a custom piece of hand built furniture with special hidden compartments and finished to match the other pieces in your home you’re going to have to pay somebody enough to build it or build it yourself, and you’ll probably want to use decent furniture-quality materials. But at least you won’t end up with crap that will fall apart on you the first time you try to move it.

    If you look carefully at the bedside table she was demonstrating you’ll find a price tag of $479.00, which is actually less than you would expect a bedside piece at Ethan Allen to cost. I see only one piece at that costs less (on sale), and its MSRP is more. Many of their bedside pieces are over $1000.00.

apllDgrapllD - February 17, 2016

She looks like the church lady from snl back in the 90’s!

Matthias - May 3, 2016

when a crazy looking old lady hides weapons everywhere…

    Alex - March 17, 2018

    She looks like my autistic ex but 30 years older and less insane

TheAllaksion - June 19, 2016

you are one heck of a sweet kind saleswoman that i would definitely buy from. with exposure like this will that one amish craftsman be able to keep up with demand or does he have more to help ramp up production?

    Bryon Payne - December 8, 2016

    The poor amish man died. Official cause of death was exhaustion. He was being held at gun point and forced to craft non-stop for up to 20 hours a day.

Matthew Chapman - July 12, 2016

LOL america…. Grannies with Guns !

    Tom Y - June 26, 2017

    it may sound hilarious but “grannies”-related incidents are surprisingly rare.

    joe 82 - January 1, 2018

    granddad with any gun

    phuc ewe - March 13, 2018

    Home of the free.

Bryon Payne - December 8, 2016

Amazing pieces. Couldn’t help but laugh when you revealed the gun under the salad bowl though.

Jay Packs - December 29, 2016

go grandma go

Joshua Blizard - April 27, 2017

I think what your doing is awesome

cheff Solo - August 20, 2017

You’re awesome .

William Costner - November 1, 2017

Grandma has THOSE THINGS on her FEET!!!. OG Vintage ACGs…

Good job auntie.

Rick Moore - November 21, 2017

that’s some WAY over priced stuff. and pretty easy to make.

KJV Truth Tracker - December 13, 2017

Awesome! Great craftsmanship.

jarel nomeh - January 8, 2018

What a very nice lady. I’m loving those products!

manifest 73 - February 1, 2018

Not a secret any more.

    Liberty Warrior - February 11, 2018

    Lol, l guess it doesn’t matter, most intruders will assume you hide your weapons anyway.

Svadilfari YT - February 21, 2018

can i hide my grandmother in one of your shelves too?

RIPPER334 - March 13, 2018

The problem is… The price. I’m sure it’s well made, and I appreciate the amount of work put into it…

But who’s going spend 500 bucks for ONE night stand, simply because it offers concealability… While offering ZERO security?

For 30 dollars, you can glue a magnet under the drawer, and just as easily “hide” your pistol or revolver.

You’re creeping up into gun safe prices… With less function.

mike conrad - June 5, 2018

For that kinda money, each piece should incorporate some sort of concealed locking mechanism to keep clumsy grandkids from knocking over the fruit bowl, then knocking off grandpa with the cool toy they found.

sulsty - August 28, 2018

Why hide guns in furniture
Make furniture out of guns and they will think ordinary chair bomb you have 100 or so blocks

simple life simple people - October 31, 2018

Hmmm i know already where you hide your gun!

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