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Sideboard Painted 4 Door Frame and Panel Custom Woodworking Expert Furniture Build

revisiting a classic design I used to build a lot of these. I called it the Wellington Collection for the snobby rich customers with refined sensibilities.

Andrei Kalinkin - July 23, 2019

I guess the tiny glue bottle is way more convenient.. How do you fill it more quickly?

    hffcom - July 23, 2019

    I have a larger 8 oz fill bottle that is useful for that. I sell them as a set called the Glue Bottle Solution. you can find it on ebay.

Florentino Bautista - July 23, 2019

It looks prity good but I have a question how do you close the poquet holes I see you use a lot poquet joles

    hffcom - July 23, 2019

    pocket holes are concealed to the inside, no need to fill them or worry

Bigmo Rivera - July 23, 2019

Very Nice Work…

John Fithian-Franks - July 23, 2019

Hi, what was with the first side panel you made, it had two bottom pieces. That would have driven me nuts and |I would have to redo that door, was there a reason that I missed or something?.

    Mike Regan - July 23, 2019

    When I make a panel like that, I make it a bit oversized, then cut them down. Gives me a bit of wiggle room for square and final fit.

    Brady Kirkwood - July 23, 2019

    I think it was because it was going to be hidden by the base trim at the bottom and he didn’t want to waste wide lumber ( and its possibility for more movement) on an area that was hidden.

    hffcom - July 23, 2019

    that is one side panel. the two pieces on bottom are covered by the baseboard. the gap is to relieve stress because a solid piece would likely crack from shrinkage

    Matthew Mills - July 28, 2019

    Ah, makes sense! I had to pause the video and scroll the comments it was making me nuts.

Mike Regan - July 23, 2019

Great stuff, Mitch, thanks.

Bosmans Kevin - July 23, 2019


Nick Kropat - July 23, 2019

Another beautiful piece. I always pick up some random trick from your videos – that tack strip for the hole spacing is genuis! thank you! You should have just called it the Shelburne collection 😉

Christofix - DIY Projects - July 23, 2019

Very nice build. It was a pleasure to watch the building proces!

Hans - July 23, 2019


Clyde Decker - July 23, 2019

Simple elegant and well built!

Joe W - July 23, 2019

I love your furniture and your process. However, what the heck is up with the creepy 80’s horror movie music?? lol Seriously though, it’s a nice piece.

Guy Boulay - July 24, 2019

Très beau meuble . Vous maîtrisez votre sujet.

Turki Umairan - July 24, 2019


Scott Shaw - July 25, 2019

This my first video of yours that I have watched. Loved it and thanks, I picked up a few tips too!

ItsRonsway - July 25, 2019

Great job, Just wondering what is your finishing process? Oil or water base or a combination? I see that you always brush your finishes. What’s your thought’s on HVLP turbine sprayers? I hope that’s not too many questions!

Jess Julian - July 25, 2019

Great build, I enjoy it very much. However I think it’s a sin to paint beautiful wood. I know lots of people like paint.

Артемий Мананников - July 31, 2019

спасибо за видео! если это не секрет, какую программу Вы используете для проектирования мебели?

Ralph Mitchell - August 2, 2019

Great video, as usual. At 10:22 you used wedge for some reason. I had assumed all fab tables were level.

Allan Docater - August 5, 2019

Did You make it with woodprix instructions?

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