THE LOST LAWN PROJECT. In today’s episode, a lawn I’ve never showed on this channel; A failed lawn project. We will talk about the current state of the lawn and what we will do to improve it.

Here’s Last week’s video (fall lawn prep)…

Here’s my DIY sprinkler system video (JTLK style)…

Here, you can get the N-Ext Double Dark cocktail…

Here’s my N-Ext Step Liquid Lawn Care playlist…

Here’s my LCN Lawn Revival playlist…

Here’s my JTLK/LCN Project Lawn 2019 playlist…


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Striperman - August 31, 2019


Bobzilla661 - August 31, 2019

Second! Look forward to seeing an update!

Kevin Scott - August 31, 2019

That double dark was a waste bro. Should’ve hit them weeds with tenacity then come back and it with humic and week later poke holes and over seed.

    teammadcow - September 1, 2019


Striperman - August 31, 2019

Jake perfect example that sod is instant grass but needs to be taken care of regularly to keep it going nicely.

adog3336 - August 31, 2019

Jake you hard working man keep it up

Allen Sadicario - August 31, 2019

Always a great show thanks again buddy

Z G - August 31, 2019

How often you trim your bush?

    Jake The Lawn Kid - August 31, 2019

    About twice a week, gotta keep up on it, makes the tree look longer.

    Leibs34 - September 4, 2019

    Haha, nicely played sir

Anthony J. Barton - August 31, 2019

Professor Jake , you have to be very certain that there is no chlorine of fluoride in your water when you are mixing chemicals or doing any type of watering of lawn or plants as well .

The Lawn Care Nut - August 31, 2019

Bro – did you say “Climactic Change?” ha ha. The story here is epic. Keep it up my bro.

jakestoe - September 1, 2019

Are those the LCN approved flip flops?

    Jake The Lawn Kid - September 1, 2019

    Nope, those are the JTLK approved slip ons.

Michael Price - September 1, 2019

Put your free hand in your pocket.

windycityrider - September 1, 2019

AUGUST……the month that takes it’s biggest toll on lawns in NW Indiana and separates the men from the boys.

jruss - September 1, 2019

Still waiting on a update for jtlk/lawn care nut project lawn

Ben Harrison - September 1, 2019

Taking care of any lawn is an.ongoing project. If you stop taking care of it then it will let you know that it needs your attention. Your uncle’s lawn will come back quickly with some TLC. Jake, your life might have gotten busy, but what was your uncle doing during this time? After all, it is his lawn. 🙂

    Jake The Lawn Kid - September 1, 2019

    He’s not a lawn guy, but he was on board with me bringing it up for him

Dan McCann - September 1, 2019

Shouldn’t you have dealt with the clover first? Clover being a nitrogen fixer, it will try to take up all the nitrogen it can get. Since the lawn has a definite divide between the area with clover and the rest of the lawn, I’d think that would cause a visual difference as the rest of the lawn greens up and the clover ridden part will not green up as much.

brickit26 - September 3, 2019

What’s good for the lawn is good for your feet in flops!

chris ryan - September 4, 2019

what about killing the weeds Jake?

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