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Tim McClellan’s Designer/Maker Masterclass: May 2019 Furniture Building Weekend Workshop

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Check out the amazing pieces that our participants built in only 3 days!

Join celebrity designer and veteran furniture maker, Tim McClellan, and his wife, Erika, in their home workshop for an incredible weekend of learning, designing, building, socializing, and fun. If you ever have wondered how he does it, and how to do it yourself, now is your chance!

The Tim McClellan Furniture Design, Metal Fabrication and Woodworking Workshop is a 2.5 day creative retreat at Tim’s shop in the Verde Valley, Arizona, that takes woodworkers step-by-step through the process of making a timeless, customizable piece using the highest-quality materials and tools. Fuel your natural creativity and take your craftsmanship to the next level as you learn Tim’s unique techniques for working with exotic and/or salvaged wood, copper, leather, and steel.

Return home with your own piece of custom-crafted furniture and the skills to build another!

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