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Woodworking Project – How To Easy Build A Table In Combination With Storage Cabinet From Pallet bar

Woodworking Project – How To Easy Build A Table In Combination With Storage Cabinet From Pallet bar
+ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf4FdWfGUnV_kwIzOZY1rzQ

Webb Crafts - July 10, 2020

This is great work! Nice video

Héctor Franco - July 10, 2020

Excelente trabajo, me gusta.
Lo felicito. Desde Honduras C.A.

Martha Del Angel - July 10, 2020

Me encanto maravillo!!!para herencia a los nietos,bendiciones desde manzanillo mexico

Donnie Chow - July 10, 2020

There is an empty space at the back that you can use back forward to make more storage.

james tonge - July 10, 2020

Nice idea would make a nice out feed table for saw or router.

oneshot_me - July 10, 2020

They took pallets broke them down to make a pallet squared WTH?? LOL

Keith Comer - July 10, 2020

I love this……but can any of thes guys actually stand up straight?????? orcs??????????

Shellmyth Vendah - July 11, 2020

This guys are hardworking, keep it up

andysallyable - July 11, 2020

impressed and creative , save money and fully use recycled item, save the earth

DANIL RUSINOV - July 12, 2020

Шикарно! Просто шикарно! Великолепная идея! Вы молодцы!

Magdalena Flores - July 12, 2020

los hubieran hecho más largos los cajones, se desperdicia mucho espacio, pero en general, GENIAL !!!

Samson Evanston - July 12, 2020

Ever think of editing?
We know that your going to nail all the boards, and cut them, etc
Would save minutes of video.
Just wondering.

Duane McFarlane - July 12, 2020

That thing would weigh a ton

Juvenal Tenorio - July 12, 2020

Vc merece todo meu respeito Deus te abençoe

Greg Warrick - July 12, 2020

Love it just wish he would have took 3 more boards and faces the front

Carolyn golden - July 13, 2020

Wonder how many accidents they have given that they are either wearing sandals or are completely barefooted. Guess there is no such thing as OSHA there.

antlou123 - July 13, 2020

This is bobs furniture type of quality.

Sergio valladares sainz - July 13, 2020

in very bad taste varnishing a rustic piece of furniture in a glossy finish, and the workmanship is also very bad, the sides must be put on and the cover at the end, thus preventing the cut from being seen, bad

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